The Church should be involved in prison reform

Representatives of Christian confessions in Russia believe that the Church should participate in the reform of the penal correction system in the country.Head of communication Service of the Ivanovo-Voznesensk diocese of the Russian Orthodox Church by hieromonk Makarios (Marques) - known Orthodox writer and missionary, one of the authors 'basic teaching of the Orthodox Church on dignity, freedom and human rights", it was essential the cooperation between the Church and the Federal service of execution of punishments (FSIN). In his opinion, it should be much broader and deeper than now.Today this cooperation is focused on some of the maintenance effort of the current system of execution of punishments in the form as it is. But traditional religions - and the Church - first and foremost - you need to participate in a radical reform of the system of execution of punishments" - he said, commenting on Regions for the plans of the Ministry of justice to develop cooperation with the Church."This reform was discussed at the last meeting of the state Council, headed by President Dmitry Medvedev in February in Vologda. The fact that the current penal system does not correct people, and spoils. You can mention the proverb, which is common on all continents: "it Happens that good people go to prison, but a rarity - good people coming out of prison." Although our camps are called "corrective labour", those who had to be corrected, is not corrected, and those who were less prone to evil, prison breaks and spoils," said FR."Detention is necessary to readjust on segregation of prisoners. The Orthodox Church together with other faiths should work there. Читать полностью -->

Media: the Soviet legacy threatens to embroil Yanukovych and Medvedev

Russia and Ukraine resumed talks about the ownership of foreign property of the USSR and immediately stalled. Russia insists that she should get all the rights to the Soviet heritage, while Ukraine wants its share.By agreeing to the "zero option" (waiver of debt and property claims), proposed by Moscow, Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych risks provoking a new debate about the betrayal of national interests, experts say. If he will continue the policy of his predecessors who demanded to allocate part of the inheritance Ukraine may lose just had contact with Russia as an important strategic partner, writes Nezavisimaya Gazeta.Russia insists on "zero option", arguing that, completely took over the debts of the Union republics and paid them. In addition, the Russian Federation pays for the content of objects belonging to the Soviet legacy. This was stated on air of radio station "Echo of Moscow" Manager of President Vladimir Kozhin. Moreover, in his opinion, Ukraine will agree to this option in the near future.Until that happens, it was absurd: "It causes us political and economic damage, because in some countries, where this position (the position of Ukraine - Approx. Читать полностью -->

100 years: past, present and future of Evangelical youth movement

In Central St. Petersburg Church of Evangelical Christians-Baptists on Poklonnaya hill from 14th to November 16th all-Russian conference dedicated to the centenary of Evangelical youth Ministry in Russia.The anniversary is a good excuse to take stock. One hundred years ago, Ivan Stepanovich Prokhanov founded the youth movement of Evangelical believers. From 23 to 16 April 1908 in Moscow hosted the First Congress of representatives of youth groups of Evangelical Christians and Baptists. It was attended by 18 people from St. Petersburg, Moscow, Kiev, Tsaritsyn, Konotop, Tambov, Kharkov, shooting division.The Chairman of the Council elected I. Читать полностью -->

Veterans sell Medvedev presented apartment

4May 17,Daria SOMOVAVeterans who received the 65 anniversary of the victory of new apartments already sold or leased. To this conclusion during the inspection was attended by representatives of the far Eastern Federal district. Bypass apartments veterans was held at the initiative of the representative of the RF President in the far Eastern Federal district Viktor Ishayev said.Regional authorities selectively checked 713 of 1.6 thousand for the veterans in the district apartments. It was found that older people live in 587 apartments, 18 have already been sold or offered for sale, donated six, 17 inherited, five relatives and two dealt for hire.It was decided to apply to the bodies of social protection so that they not only checked the conditions in which veterans live, I figured out, whether on its own they sold or gave possession of the premises. It is possible that this decision to the veterans of the imposed or relatives or they accepted it under pressure from criminal elements.We will remind, the law on securing housing for participants of the Great Patriotic war (WWII), regardless of their financial position was adopted on the initiative of President Dmitry Medvedev. Thus, were repealed the existing regulations in some regions, according to which the veteran to obtain the apartment needs to prove that he is poor.The need to eliminate such contradictions, the President called in the middle of February, at a meeting on social security of veterans. Читать полностью -->

Russia has put Latvia on the ears

Facts:Currently in Estonia 1.4 million residents have about 115 thousand persons without citizenship; about the same, according to the Embassy of the Russian Federation in Estonia of citizens of the Russian Federation. 2.3 million population of Latvia lives about 400 thousand so-called non-citizens - citizens of the former USSR, which never received after 1991 passports of citizens of Latvia."We were outplayed!.." - angrily said today the Chairman of the Commission of the Saeima of Latvia on foreign Affairs Andris Berzins, appreciating the decision of the President of Russia Dmitry Medvedev to simplify the entry to Russia for "non-citizens" of Latvia and "foreigners" of Estonia, i.e. the Russian-speaking residents of the Baltic countries, the overwhelming majority of which official Riga and Tallinn openly discriminatory conduct policy, expressed, including, in the refusal to grant citizenship with all the ensuing consequences. And now finally Russia at the state level decided to support these people that are a part of the Russian cultural space.The President of Russia, we recall, issued yesterday a decree on the procedure of entry into Russia stateless former Soviet citizens living in Latvia or Estonia. These individuals may enter Russia and out of Russia without a visa and valid documents. For living in Latvia is a non-citizen passport, and for persons living in Estonia - the passport of the foreigner.Minor children of the said persons must have one of these documents or to be registered in the prescribed manner in a document accompanying person and to have a birth certificate.The President instructed the government of the Russian Federation to provide in the prescribed manner of carrying out the actions directed on realization of the decree, and to bring its acts in compliance with the decree. Читать полностью -->

European theologians seek credit

Nadezhda MuravyevaTheological education in the West is becoming fashionable, rector of the biblical-theological Institute Alexey BodrovAlexey E. Bodrov – candidate of physico-mathematical Sciences, rector of the biblical-theological Institute of St. Andrew. Is editor of the journals "Pages: theology, culture, education and the World of the Bible", as well as a Board member of the International Association for the development of Christian higher education (IAPCHE) and the Ecumenical Association of academies and laity centres in Europe (EAALCE). Member of the Advisory Board of the John Templeton Foundation.Today the problems of higher theological education in Russia are submitted for public discussion, particularly in an academic environment. It is connected with the question of the relation between religious and secular approaches to the study of religion and the fact that Russia is a participant of the Bologna process – the gradual unification of educational standards of European universities.These reforms also concern and theological faculties of the spiritual and secular universities. Читать полностью -->

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