After six days of air travel in Europe restored almost 100%

After six days of forced break because of the ash of the Icelandic volcano Eyjafjallajokull air traffic in Europe is almost restored, reports the BBC.On Thursday, the flights must recover "almost 100%", stated the European air traffic Agency EUROCONTROL. According to the Agency, on Wednesday in Europe was made 22,5 thousands of flights out of 28 thousand planned, including all 338 transatlantic flights.Air France and British Airways gave the green light on all long-haul flights, Qantas Airways and the Australian and Chinese Air China announced a full resumption of flights to Europe. Today will start almost all flights and Lufthansa, assured her representative. "Aeroflot" yesterday delivered 55 regular flights from Moscow, the newspaper "Vedomosti".Most interesting quotes from Russian Newspapers on the subject of the resumption of flights over Europe publishes the website "Headlines".Wednesday, April 21, restrictions operated in parts of southern Sweden and Helsinki. Of the 28,000 scheduled flights done 21 000. Almost half of Russians stranded in Europe, were able to return home.In order to take passengers for a few days waiting until clears ash cloud, the UK government has temporarily lifted a ban on night flights. Fully opened its airspace Denmark, Norway and Sweden, to the greatest extent affected by the volcanic dust cloud.In Russian airports are also beginning to reduce the number of cancelled departures. If Tuesday on the scoreboard were over 500 delayed flights, yesterday in the red zone there were only 30 routes. All 2 724 thousand passengers of these flights "were reassigned to other modes of transport, flights or made a refund". Overall, Russian airports are operating normally, writes "Rossiyskaya Gazeta".Representatives of the airline industry said that their losses due to downtime amounted to 1.7 billion dollars, and they demanded that the European authorities compensation, reports the BBC.The head of the International transport Association Giovanni Bisignani called the damage to the industry due to the closure of European airports, incredible and said that the government "must take responsibility" and help carriers.According to the Association, for three days, from April 17 to 19, the carriers lost $ 400 million on a daily basis. "The scale of the crisis eclipsed the September 11, 2001, when U.S. airspace was closed for three days," said Bisignani. He also noted that at the time of maximum severity of the present crisis has affected 29% of global air traffic, broke the plans of the 1.2 million passengers daily.The ban was introduced in most European countries because of fears that, once in a heated airplane turbines, ash particles may be melted and turned into volcanic glass, damage the engine.For six days around the world was lifted more than 95 thousand flights.Over the weekend several airlines have conducted test flights and called for the lifting of restrictions, as found no signs of harmful effects of ash on aircraft mechanics.After Monday's teleconference of Ministers of transport of EU precaution has been reduced, as the measurements showed that the density of the cloud of volcanic dust is quite low and does not impede the conduct of flights.British transport Minister Lord Andrew Adonis recognized that international safety rules in this case demonstrated an excessive precaution.The Icelandic authorities claim that the medium intensity of the eruption Eyjafjallajokull decreased by 80%, but the situation is constantly changing and is unpredictable.

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