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Russian President Medvedev summed up the resultsChristine Nagel (Christina Nagel) ("Tagesschau", Germany)Russian presidents said lot of speeches on New year's eve. However, such an open television discussion in which took part the head of the Kremlin Medvedev, the Russians have not yet seen. It was impossible not to notice that the rhetorical exchange blows with critical partners interview obviously delivered Medvedev fun.Some viewers couldn't believe their eyes. This review of developments during the year Russian presidents have not done. Instead of trite questions from reverent commentators the heads of the three state-run TV was on the air with critical comments. Questions were raised about the attitude to such critics of the existing system as Garry Kasparov, as well as about fraud in the last regional elections.Medvedev was self-criticalRussian President Dmitry Medvedev is clearly derived pleasure from this form of open discussion. He acknowledged the existence of a democratic deficit. He again expressed his dissatisfaction over the fact that I haven't managed to overcome the economy's dependence on oil and gas.He, however, denied made in his address the comment that his promises of reform may remain empty phrases, and it would turn it into a parody of itself". According to him, has already achieved certain results. As for other problems, work on them, as the President noted, will continue. By the way, he's soon going to sign a decree on the reform of the Ministry of internal Affairs. There is an opinion that a large part of Russian police corruption. Medvedev does not exclude that, to accelerate the modernization of the country would undergo further changes among the officials. According to the Russian President, there are a lot of young, capable people willing to take responsibility.

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