About the external and the true purpose of the Pope's visit to the middle East

Alexander ZaichenkoEnded an eight-day visit of Pope Benedict XVI to the middle East. 82-year-old Pontiff's state visit visited two politically moderate countries in the region: Jordan and Israel, including the Palestinian authority.The Middle East region for obvious reasons, has always occupied a special place in the politics and worldview of the entire Christian world, and a half-century of the Arab-Israeli conflict gave most of the developments in this area, not only biblical and mystical, but the military-strategic and geopolitical sounding. Therefore, any visit to the Middle East, a leader in the global rank is forcing him to make the program of his visit, the issues of reducing antagonism opposing sides and searching the ways of the world. Such leaders is certainly true of the Roman Pontiff, which is the world's largest religious denomination with the number of believers over a billion people.So, naturally, from the beginning in the program of the visit of the head of the Vatican was faced with the task of traditional promoting peaceful dialogue between Islam and Judaism and between Judaism and Christianity. The logical continuation of this task in the political key is to strengthen constructive contacts between the Palestinians and Israel. This is the main, official target of the Pope's visit to the middle East.The Pope himself did not oppose such a goal, he called his visit to the middle East as a "pilgrimage of peace". Indeed the impression that Benedict XVI arrived in the Holy land for the sake of world peace, which is impossible without resolving the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. In his final sermon, he turned to others with words of reconciliation: "the gospel reassures us that God is able to update everything that history should not be repeated, that the memory of the past can be healed, overcome the bitter fruits of recrimination and hostility that the future of justice, peace, prosperity and cooperation attainable for every men and women, the entire human family and a special way to the people who live in this land so dear to the heart of the Savior.".

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