Medvedev put Saakashvili into place

Dionysus Capture/KMnewsFacts:Collective peacekeeping forces in the Commonwealth of Independent States (CPF) - a temporary coalition formation that is created for the duration of the peacekeeping operation in order to facilitate the resolution of conflicts on the territory of any state - participant of the CIS. According to the Statute of the CIS collective peacekeeping forces in the Georgian-Abkhaz conflict, military force is 2500-3000 people.The incident of the arrest on June 17, Russian peacekeepers in the Georgian-Abkhaz zone of conflict, not left for Mikhail Saakashvili without consequences. The very next day the President of Russia Dmitry Medvedev in a telephone conversation with President of Georgia stated about the inadmissibility of provocations against Russian peacekeepers in the Georgian-Abkhaz conflict, the press service of the Kremlin."When discussing the situation in the zone of the Georgian-Abkhaz conflict, Medvedev called unacceptable provocations against Russian peacekeepers, who carry out their activities in accordance with international obligations. Saakashvili promised to deal with the incident", - RIA "news".Recall that four Russian peacekeepers were detained in Zugdidi district of Georgia. The Georgian side claims that the peacekeepers did not put it on notice about the transport of arms and ammunition. Interviews have been conducted, after which the peacekeepers were released. The Georgian side returned the car, but still not recovered the weapon.It's hard to believe that this incident is just a misunderstanding. It is much more logical to assume that we are dealing with another well-planned provocation by the Georgian side, sanctioned at the very top of the official authorities of Georgia. Most likely, Saakashvili knows the details of the incident, and his promise to Medvedev "to deal with the incident" is nothing more than a diplomatic ploy, designed to show willingness to peacefully solve problems. Apparently, the official Tbilisi did not expect such a fast and strong reaction of Moscow, and when development has taken control of the President of Russia, the incident threatened to turn into for Georgia major international scandal, and the complete loss of face. It became clear that Moscow does not intend to overlook the "antics" of the Saakashvili regime, so to hush up the conflict will not succeed.On the international stage provocations against peacekeepers are regarded as totally unacceptable, and the perpetrators of such violations are taking a big risk with his authority. Meanwhile, the only real power, you can rely Saakashvili, is the support of the international community, or rather, its Western part. It is to the Western States constantly appeals Saakashvili, when trying to exert diplomatic pressure on Russia and the unrecognized, but de facto independent republics of Abkhazia and South Ossetia. It was during the whole "epic" associated with Georgian drones; similarly, Tbilisi behaved when Moscow imposed in Abkhazia railway troops for the rehabilitation of the railway works. Without the support of the West demarches Georgia would have no weight. Now, however, the Georgian side made a grave diplomatic error, delaying the Russian peacekeepers in violation of all legal norms. About it the statement was made by foreign Ministry spokesman Andrei Nesterenko: "you Can reasonably say that it was done in violation of the existing regulatory documents, in particular the mandate of the peacekeeping forces", - RIA "news".Of course, the West is interested in Russia withdrew its peacekeepers from the zone of the Georgian-Abkhaz conflict, however, the methods by which the Georgian side is trying to escalate the situation around the Russian contingent, it is unacceptable for the European and American diplomacy. Still, the West prefers to act more subtly. And after what happened to Western capitals will be very difficult to provide demonstrative support of Tbilisi: because then in the eyes of the world, the West will look like the party that actually welcomes provocations against the military, ensuring peace in the region. It is unlikely that the U.S. and Europe are now prepared to go to such an obvious undermining of the Institute of peace as in various hot spots similar service and are armed contingents of the Western countries. So the West is not interested in creating a precedent that could later be turned against the West.So, now Russia has all opportunities to dramatically strengthen its position in the zone of the Georgian-Abkhaz conflict and to make a provocation by the Georgian side turned to Tbilisi serious diplomatic defeat.

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