Cloud-ad covers Russia

Ash clouds of the volcano Eyjafjallajökull is "flowers" compared with the Russian pyrocumulusSvetlana KUZINANational Board of the USA on Aeronautics and space research (NASA) through its satellites "Terra" and "Aqua" decided to take a picture of a fiery Apocalypse taking place in Russia. And having considered the submitted photos, NASA experts were horrified as they saw pyrocumulus clouds that usually form during a volcanic eruption or a nuclear explosion! The pictures also showed that the acrid smoke had risen to a height of 12 kilometers above the Earth. "At this altitude the smoke is able to travel over very long distances, affecting air quality far from the center of the fire", - is spoken in the message on the website NASA. This is the reason already noted by experts of the phenomenon: people start to suffocate even in regions away from burning forests and peat bogs.- Indeed, the fires in Central Russia has reached such proportions that caused the formation of such dangerous clouds - confirmed Anatoly Nusinov, doctor of physico-mathematical Sciences, head of laboratory of solar-terrestrial relations, chief researcher of the Institute of applied Geophysics named after academician E. K. Fedorov Roshydromet (IPG). "We at the Institute locators has observed such clouds over Moscow, when in Iceland, the eruption of the Eyjafjallajokull volcano.- Current caused by fire, clouds similar to Icelandic?- Interesting question. Maybe worth watching if you manage to break through the haze with a laser beam. Interestingly, we will see over Moscow such pyrocumulus education? Now these clouds had accumulated only over Ryazan.And in nuclear explosions such clouds appear?- Yes. Detonation of nuclear weapons in the atmosphere will produce the same clouds - very hot, stretching into the stratosphere and resembling the shape of a mushroom. Only there is a significant difference. With the explosion mushroom cloud grows in height and in diameter. And then, when equalized temperature and pressure, and stops the rise of dust and particles from the ground, the stem of the "mushroom" thins, fades, and his "hat" turns into a dark cloud after its cooling precipitation may fall and eventually disappear. And pyrocumulus cloud caused by a huge fire, able to stand for long in one place, if there is no wind. (Formation of a mushroom cloud can be seen here.)- Is it dangerous?The danger is that they can turn into cumulonimbus, which often have zippers. But thunderstorms can cause further continuation of the fire.And the rains they may spill?- In very rare cases.That is why this version of Cumulus clouds called with the prefix "pyro", which from Latin means "fire". I have been informed by the Institute of physics of atmosphere. A. M. Obukhov, pyrocumulus clouds, or, literally, the fire-cloud, is dense sociooversee cloud associated with fire or volcanic activity, i.e. arise during intensive heating of the air from the surface of the Earth. Color from grayish to brown because of ash and smoke. In extensive fire growth air currents and the formation of large amounts of water vapor that is produced during the combustion of plants and trees. Air flows raise water vapor to the level where it condenses and forms Cumulus clouds. And "cap" cover the burning area. The beginning of the formation of these clouds is often difficult to distinguish because they usually are hidden by the smoke of fires, but, as a rule, are much higher smoke screen. Different from other clouds that are in the sky vertically.By the way, these "fire-nuclear" cloud - nonsense in Russia. In the US, where often in recent years are large forest fires, it is almost a regular phenomenon. Pyrocumulus clouds, for example, constantly watching fire in such areas as California, the French Riviera and in South-Eastern Australia.A KEY QUESTIONWhat happens to the climate?George Cargo, one of the leading climatologists in the country, doctor of physico-mathematical Sciences, Professor:- What warming has occurred - established scientific fact. The most striking feature of the climate of this century is global warming, characterized by the increase in air temperature at the earth's surface as the average for the globe and both hemispheres and most of the major regions of the land and the ocean surface. And with the development of global warming droughts will become more and extremely high summer temperatures - for example, above 34 degrees Celsius, when many experience heat stroke - also will be more.Many other phenomena is nothing particular to say. The world meteorological organization estimates the frequency of registered natural disasters and, in General, reveals a certain tendency to increase in their frequency of occurrence, but the final conclusions to do early.The average temperature in Russia has increased from 1901 to 2000, about 1 degree, and in the past 30 years (1975 - 2004) to 1.2 degrees. Average speed of this 30-year warming was 0.4 degrees in 10 years. The most sensitive to warming regions - Western and Eastern Siberia, there to watch the biggest changes.Passionate discussions about the causes and projections of climate change. Here until full consensus among scientists is not. The majority was of the opinion that the significant role of anthropogenic factor: the enhanced greenhouse effect due to increased concentrations of carbon dioxide due to burning of fossil organic fuel. Others admit that this is only a phase of natural cyclic climate fluctuations.The question is, what kind of contribution to global warming contribute to anthropogenic factors and natural. The contribution of anthropogenic causes Bal is most significant in the last 30 years.Recall that in the present fires are more people to blame.

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