Christian brothers and friends in politics

The Western Church has not had the expected support of GeorgiaStanislav MininThe religious aspect of the Russian-Georgian conflict rather poorly covered in the Western press. In addition, not all Christian Churches reacted to the events in the Caucasus. However, some - and quite diverse - replica appeared in Western blogs devoted to the problems of religion, in printed publications and on the websites of religious organizations. "NGY" acquaints readers with some of them.Frank Schaeffer, American Orthodox publicistIn Russia believe that in his time in Kosovo, bill Clinton ordered the U.S. air force to support the Islamic revolution in the struggle against the Orthodox world. It was as naively as if he ordered to bomb the Vatican, and then wonder at the chagrin of Catholics… the Presidents of the United States is obsessed with the ideas of Protestantism, not knowing of the one Church, and do not understand that the current Russia is the first country that tries to reconnect with its historic Imperial Orthodox roots. We in America do not understand what value can have blood ties or what is sacred tradition. Because we don't take this tradition seriously, we cannot believe that it takes seriously someone else…For Russia, the most powerful demonstration of humiliation, which she underwent at the end of the cold war the U.S. was the establishment of American influence in Georgia. What is happening now is a slow counter-attack Orthodox world against the new crusaders from the West. The events in Georgia is a symbolic answer to what can be considered a modern version of the capture of Constantinople by the crusaders in 1204… Attacking Pro-Western Georgia (although it is an Orthodox country, Russia gives the West a sign: we will pay you a retaliatory strike…Since the cold war, the U.S. and the West harm to the Orthodox world and humiliated him. We could show magnanimity winners - and missed all the opportunities to do so. American missionaries-charismatics have flooded Russia, for them, the Orthodox were not "true Christians"… and now we expect that Russia will behave the way we want…George Pitcher, a journalist for the British newspaper the Daily Telegraph…Poor Georgia was hoping that it would help the Church. Be that as it may, Georgia even in the most severe times remained a Christian country. Of course, she hoped that the priests would intercede for her in an evil hour. However, unfortunately, Christian brothers behave more timidly than friends in politics. The Western Church, whose head is in the past rather sharply reacted to the illegal invasion on the territory of sovereign States (e.g., Iraq), cool enough reacted to the news that Russia, in fact, has annexed part of Georgia. It is very surprising when you consider that Georgia is a country with a predominantly Christian population, moreover, it is the second oldest (after Armenia) Christian state in the world…Pope Benedict XVI, while on holidays in the Alps, called on the parties to "immediately" stop the hatred… but it sounded as if he was threatened with a finger to the two children fighting, not a plea to stop the bloodshed… the rest of the Christian world - silence. Nothing said archbishops of Canterbury and York, although the latter recently so vociferously condemned the activities of Robert Mugabe in Zimbabwe. Not a word said of the Anglican community, most recently conducted in London March of solidarity with the poor around the world…You can find different explanation for such neglect, however, just look at the calendar… Not only politicians like Gordon brown or David Miliband, not interrupting his vacation, the Pope is also unlikely in August will leave the ski resort…Orthodox Churches themselves have a high degree of autonomy. The Georgian Church is strong and independent. Who knows where such Churches can make Christians, disillusioned with Western values?..

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