The Russians gave their life in 4 million roubles

On average, Russians estimate the value of your life in 4 million rubles, said on 11 November, the "Interfax".This is evidenced by the results of a survey conducted by the Center for strategic studies "Rosgosstrakh". In this case, the value of human life means the amount of monetary compensation to the family of the deceased, which the company believes is fair.In the survey participated 16246 people in 44 Russian cities.Precious his life was appreciated by the residents of Krasnoyarsk, Moscow and Irkutsk - 7.6 million, with 5.7 million and 5.5 million rubles. Below all their lives is appreciated by the residents of Khabarovsk, Ryazan and Kostroma.While men rate their lives about twice as much as women - in 5 million roubles.Also, the study notes that in regions where there are major incidents of loss of life, the value of human life increases.In particular, the accident at the Sayano-Shushenskaya hydroelectric power plant exacerbated the problem of cash compensation among the population of industrial cities in the East of Russia. Then the government decided to allocate 100 thousand roubles to the families of the victims and one million roubles to the families of the victims.In Kemerovo the value of human life is quite high due to frequent accidents in the mines. In 2007, the families of the victims of accident on mine "anniversary" in addition to a compensation of one million rubles from the owners of the mine, were also allocated allowances from the state.According to previously conducted research, in 2007 the Russians he viewed his life in the amount of slightly less than 3 million rubles, and in 2008 - slightly less than 4 million rubles.As noted by the head of the center, in Western Europe the average size of payments will be $ 1.5 million, and the minimum is 500 thousand dollars. Thus, the Russians saw their lives considerably lower citizens of the developed countries.It is worth noting that in his book "Myths of Economics known Russian economist Sergei Guriev, rector, new economic school, pointed out that human life in Russia is from 1.3 to 3 million dollars.

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