The keepers of truth with the log in your own eye

The protection of "the memory of the war" should start off with the veterans and the fallenThe news of the destruction of the Memorial of military glory in Kutaisi caused an instant - and it is expected - the reaction of the Russian authorities and the Russian state media. It is not only in increased attention to any perturbations "hostile Saakashvili regime". Protection of honor and dignity of veterans of war, the protection of "the memory of the war" became the leitmotif of Russia's state policy in the past year.What happened? The state and close to him learned men (and ladies) have struggled with falsifications of history "to the detriment of Russia's interests" and tried to prevent the "review results of the Second world war. Produced books, sometimes very questionable. Putin gently but definitely defended "our truth" at the celebrations in Gdansk. Criticized the PACE resolution and the movie "Rzhev" Alexei Pivovarov, branded with the shame of human rights defenders, as if insulted veterans. Supposedly for those veterans organized a parade on red square. There was an active media struggle with the "glorification of Nazism" in Ukraine and the Baltic States.Energy spent on all of this, would be enough to give the current in remote areas. The Russian government declared itself as the protector and Keeper of a certain "truth about the war and about his moral right to be the protector and guardian. Historical basis for this, in General, are available. But, alas, only historical "paper"...Dmitry Medvedev, in his address to the Federal Assembly in November, said that a major challenge that the government needs to solve, is the provision of housing to veterans. "In the Federal budget," said the President, for such purposes allocated about 46 billion roubles that will allow to improve the living conditions of more than 34 thousand veterans. I have issued an additional instruction to earmark funds to provide housing to all veterans regardless of when they applied for the improvement of living conditions".It became known that veterans will provide accommodation for up to 9 may 2010. These promises (or rather, the decisions) could be considered a sign of caring about the participants in the war, if they hadn't testified, unfortunately, otherwise...As it turned out, was officially recognized with a high tribune that the country is guardian of the memory of the war more than 34 thousand veterans live in conditions that are hardly compatible with the concepts of "honor" and "dignity". This happens in a country that for the past ten years poured oil and money, like a ripe fruit. It turned out that in Russia, whose power is so sensitive to the "glorification of Nazism" and "the revision of the outcome of the Second world", veterans ' rights (including moral) still had suffered humiliating bureaucratic procedures. It's a shame, other words it is difficult to pick up.Still in the country - the guardian of the memory of the war is not buried hundreds of thousands (!) soldiers and officers who died on the battlefields. The names of many of them are not called to this day. These gaps tend to fill the search engines enthusiasts whose work remains at the margins of public and governmental attention. In the spotlight - solemn speeches, sound bites and pickets youth with the slogan "we will Not forget! Not sorry!".

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