The subsistence point of reference

Pauline XxxxxxxFor Muscovites developed two variants of a living wage, but both focused only on survivalMuch does it cost to live in Moscow? The conventional wisdom is expensive. There is data and accurately. The Moscow city government said that the minimum you need 6.5 thousand rubles a month. The Moscow tripartite Commission said that 8 thousand rubles. But experts believe that the government's "minimal" cannot be considered to be the poverty level is the only level of government social guarantees.What is the minimumThe subsistence minimum is called the cost of the minimum consumer basket minimum amount of money that a person needs to exist in society: not to die of hunger, not to sensivity and not to go naked and barefoot. The consumer basket includes: a minimum set of food, non-food goods and services. Since 1989 the government price statistics conducted on 700 products. In 1992 introduced the concept of "consumer basket", which included 407 items of goods and services. In 1999, the norms of products in the minimum consumer basket were reduced almost twice in comparison with 1991. Since then, the number of items raised a couple of times, but always slightly.What is included in the basket? The minimum set of services includes utilities in the calculation of 18 square meters. The minimum set of non-food products - clothing, footwear, bedding, furniture, household goods, daily necessities, sanitation and medicines. Linen relies 9 pieces of 2.4 years, hosiery - 7 pieces for a couple of years, shoes - 6 pairs 3.2. For comparison - in the UK in the basket added mobile phones, mp-3 players, digital radio, recordable DVD and other digital products.In grocery annual set of most flour - 133,7 kilograms per year, milk and dairy products in terms of milk" - 238,2 liters. Meat - 37,2 kg, fish - 16 pounds. Fruit is offered almost as much as sugar - 23 against 22.2 per kilogram. Potatoes, vegetables, fats, salt, tea, spices. Keep in mind that this refers to the weight of raw unprepared products. Fruits and vegetables must be cleaned of meat cut from the bones and fat. Thus, products will be somewhat less than expected.Recommended to surviveProducts for filling food baskets chosen that way. Rosstat has studied the budgets of low-income families. Found out how they live, and counted their money and what they spend. In fact, it was the invention of equations to solve: how to spend the least money to not die". However, this minimum has become a benchmark for social support and to determine the level of inflation.Alexander Baturin, Professor of research Institute of nutrition, told "Nezavisimaya GAZETA" that the consumer basket is not advice on nutrition: "I would rather say, it is a model that for relatively little money you can build a decent enough food. The main thing is that the diet consisted of a variety of products." The expert said that the choice of a little food depends on the amount of money in your wallet. Money determine the quality. And the choice - habits. The only exceptions are meat products.The price of the basketAll monthly increase in prices of commodities included in the basket, must be taken into account when the quarterly calculation of the subsistence minimum. There is even a special calculation method. The city selected five or six basic businesses (shops and markets), wherein at least two of them are economy class and based on the prices in these stores are calculated arithmetic mean value of products from the list.Cost of living in Moscow is growing steadily, during the year smoothly, at the beginning sharply. From the fourth quarter of 2004 to the third quarter of 2007, the subsistence minimum for able-bodied population, the government of Moscow, got up to 4265 6563 rubles For pensioners - with 2531 to 3983 rubles, for children - 3377 to 4934 RUB the Subsistence minimum and the cost of the minimum set of products grow almost parallel. Last year the cost of the minimum food basket increased by 300 rubles and amounted to 2 thousand rubles For the cost of the minimum set of products of the Mother is in 16th place among the 86 regions. Most of the money in this basket is for the purchase of bread and cereals.The income below the subsistence minimum in the fourth quarter of 2006 were 1,305 million Muscovites from 10.5 million In 2007, the number of low-income citizens has increased to 1,509 million - mainly due to the pensioners. In October 2007 the city's population 2,476 million pensioners. The average retirement benefit with the Federal compensation is 3501 RUB when the subsistence minimum for pensioners in 3983 RUB. overall, the number of low-income Muscovites over the last three years has decreased by 160 thousand people. In Russia this rate is higher. In the whole country the population with incomes below the subsistence level since the beginning of 2005 to mid-2007 has decreased from 24.5% to 15.8%. However, it is worth noting that in Moscow the percentage of low-income citizens was significantly lower than in Russia.The alternative isThere is also a minimum set by the decision of the Moscow trilateral Commission, which includes representatives of unions, employers and the government of Moscow. On average for all groups of the population this minimum is 8 thousand rubles For the working-age population - 9089 RUB.In fact? The level of income of citizens is growing. Last year, real wages increased by 13%. In October 2007 the average salary in Moscow was 23 873 thousand rubles.The cost of Muscovites are divided as follows:- the purchase of goods and payment for services - 67% (15 995 rubles);- compulsory payments and contributions - 15,8% (3772.);savings of 8.8% (in 2100 RUB.);- purchase of foreign currency - 8,4% (2005 RUR).That is the reality of Muscovites spend on goods and services at almost twice the minimum established by the tripartite Commission. And twice the minimum set by government.However, the Director of the all-Russian centre of living standard Vyacheslav Bobkov believes that the subsistence level does not provide all the needs. "There are three levels of consumer budget. The first is the subsistence minimum. And it does not meet all basic needs. This minimum does not include the eating out. Today in Moscow it is necessary to eat in cafes, canteens, and it is more expensive, " explains NG expert. - There are claims by maturity wear clothes. For retirees not considered that they have a lot to spend on drugs. For children not laid, the cost of additional education.

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