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Michael SmilyanMedvedev supported the idea of teaching religious culture and the introduction of army Institute of priests. Teachers refer to this innovation with caution, and soldiers ' mothers say: the priests will not solve the problems of the army, and the teaching of religion in schools "will last until the first scandal".Dmitry Medvedev supported the idea of teaching in Russian schools the basics of religious culture. He also believes it appropriate to introduce the institution of military and naval clergy. The President's words leads RIA Novosti.Details will be discussedSpeaking at a special meeting Tuesday 21 July, the Russian President said that in his address were contacted the leaders of the major religions, which contained proposals for the teaching in schools of disciplines aimed at spiritual and moral education, as well as the introduction in the Armed forces of the institutions of the military and naval clergy. "I decided to support both of these appeals," Medvedev said.He noted that the details of the practical implementation of these proposals will be discussed. The President also noted "the importance of unconditional respect for the fundamental constitutional provisions" that religious associations are separated from the state and equal before the law, and that everyone is guaranteed freedom of conscience, freedom of religion.To realize the idea of teaching religion in schools Medvedev offered in the form of an experiment in 18 regions of the country. To start the experiment, he said, can with 2012. At the same time, Medvedev stressed that "the choice of students and their parents must be voluntary". According to Medvedev, "to teach all of these items should only secular teachers".Fursenko forThis idea was previously expressed by the Minister of education and science of the Russian Federation Andrei Fursenko at the round table in the wording GZT, devoted to problems of education. The Minister said that his Department, and the highest leadership of the Russian Orthodox Church has a clear understanding that the foundations of religious culture, first of all, can only be a secular subject, and secondly, his teaching must be done in an integrated manner, without separate allocation of Orthodoxy."We have agreed that we should work with representatives of all faiths, I want to emphasize, not only with the ROC," said he. Fursenko also added that before creating school books on a new subject, you must write a tutorial for the teachers themselves. "You have to understand who these things can teach. And then in a number of regions on a voluntary basis should be running these courses," explained Minister of education and science.After it became known today about the support of this idea, Fursenko announced the new name of the subject: "spiritual and moral education".It will be introduced in three stagesIn turn, Medvedev's statement about the work of priests in the army reacted defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov. He said that before the end of the year, one priest will appear in parts of the Russian Armed forces outside Russia, in particular, in Armenia, Tajikistan, Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan.In General, the introduction of the institutions of the clergy, according to Serdyukov, will take place in three stages. The first phase, army units outside the Russian Federation."The second phase is the establishment of posts, and this post should be civilian personnel in all the other brigades and military units and military bases located in the territory of the Russian Federation", - said Serdyukov."The third stage is the creation of departments in the districts and fleets, and in the Central administrative apparatus that would include all the main faiths that exist in the territory of the Russian Federation", - he added. "We assumed that it is the first stage to the end of this year could be one priest in these military units, it is really the need of the military. On this occasion repeatedly asked for my name," said the Minister.Only clerics of different faiths in the Russian army is expected to be no more than 200-250 people, said Serdyukov. Their average salary should not be below than the second-in-command of the brigade on educational work, said the Minister is about 20 thousand rubles a month.We have enough problemsResponsible Secretary of the Union of Committees of soldiers ' mothers Valentina Melnikova in conversation with GZT recalled that the army already has enough problems with funding, and the introduction of another bet seems a questionable decision."The army has nothing to pay to the officers, there reduce the warrant," says Melnikov. She believes that the story began in 1993, when many of the chiefs went to finish seminaries. "Now they decided to return," said Secretary of the Union.She does not believe that such a question even relevant to the army: in many parts of the facilities, there come the priests and the soldiers can communicate with them. "But if the priests will live in parts constantly, in addition to wages, they and their families need to be accommodated," says Melnikov.Moreover, she believes that the material question is not the only one. "Priests are people too. And they come with a different character," she says. Generally, Melnikov said that the attempt to connect with the ROC army is not a solution to problems. She also considers unrealistic idea of teaching religion in schools. "This teaching will last until the first scandal" - concluded the Secretary of the Union.

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