The statement of the members of the Advisory Council of Heads of Protestant Churches of Russia

Recently in the Russian Evangelical Protestant Christians strenuously promoted a project called "Apostolic Manifesto, which calls for the "parade of the moral forces of Russia" with 07.07.07 Its authors guarantee the prosperity of Russia under condition of elimination" identified on the so-called Apostolic Summit, the current curse of Russia - Lenin's mausoleum.Grandiloquent style and ambitious goals of the organizers of the "parade" in principle, does not conform to the form and spirit of civil and moral positions, characteristic of the Russian Evangelical Christians. They are more like a PR campaign by a small aggressive political party or group, hungry for a quick fame and public attention.We do not question the right of every believer to have his political position and his personal responsibility for the form of expression of this position in the framework of existing legislation. Moreover, as Christian believers, we cannot accept dolpolneniya dead and the living. But we adhere to the Biblical principle of non-involvement of churches in political struggle and campaigns. We, the heads of religious associations of the Russian Evangelical Christians, members of the Advisory Council of Heads of Protestant Churches of Russia, was never given authority and recommendations of individuals and leaders of religious organizations, to conduct political action, and especially to speak on behalf of our churches.In connection with the foregoing, we declare that headed us in the Church have nothing to do with public and private statements by the authors and participants of the "Apostolic Manifesto" and the organizers of the "parade of the moral forces of Russia"".

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