A test of patriotism

People don't voluntarily go to confession, then the confession will come where they can't escape.Marina Volkova"The President of the Council of Muftis of Russia Ravil Gainutdin hoped that the presence of the clergy in the army will contribute to the growth of patriotism". (www.narodinfo)What is common between Oleg Deripaska and father a native from the village of Krukowski?"What they may have in common?", - answered a question with a question ten out of ten respondents, even without specifying who the grandfather Fomich and what village is this - Krukovka (fame Oleg Deripaska doubt not subject). "Look at you!", equally all ten responded when I gave them the answer: "And Deripaska, and grandfather Fomich - citizens of Russia".Russian citizenship have in common, besides Oleg Deripaska and grandfather Fomich, 141 867 538 people of our planet. Be conceived of citizenship as a common characteristic of Russians hard. It is difficult not because we are so different, but because our common - Russian - lost.We talk about patriotism in Russia is almost bad form. Not enough vocabulary to talk about love of country and accurately repulsive. In the NINETEENTH century the words were. In the twentieth century - were. In the twenty-first - over. Invented even that patriotism is a feeling of a very personal, intimate, talking and writing about him indecently. Here to mock Russia - please, right from the stage live, loud, expressive, and under the laughter of the hall.And consider the love of country is not possible, it is not clear what to count. What a difference measurement system "rich-poor". Father Fomich, for example, pension 3 200. The RUB, of course. Deripaska grandfather a little more and gets, say, in another currency. So if in the money to consider - nothing to do with Deripaska Santa Fomich no, some differences.***Recently Dmitry Medvedev together with representatives of religious confessions invented the recipe from destruction nationwide values: promotion of religion in schools and in the army. Here are just forgot to clarify that religion is not a treatment, and an analgesic. Ache-then stop, only a shared sense of citizenship we can come up with. If only because religion is not about earth, not about government, not about citizenship and patriotism.And Medvedev's decision about the experiment in schools in 18 regions - this is not a victory religions. This is a public admission of defeat traditional religions before the moral degradation of society and in front of the non-traditional religions. People don't voluntarily go to confession, then the confession will come where they are not to run away in prison, in the army, in school. And this plays into the hands of non-traditional religions, sects, as they are popularly called. Just because the list of reasons that push a person not in the temple, and in the sect, and will add another motive - protest.And, moreover, Medvedev's decision is not a victory of the state. This is his confession to his impotence to restore and strengthen the common thing that unites Pierre Bezukhov and Platon Karatayev, Alexander Pushkin and Arina Yakovlev, Nikolai II and great-grandfather Fomich. Religion will strengthen patriotism and will not raise civic consciousness. It's not her tasks, and the tasks of the state, and for him to solve them will not be none. "God - gods. Caesar what is Caesar's"".

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