The phantom of the expandable spring

Yuri KorgunyukThe prospects of the opposition today look quite promising. The power was so fascinated by the establishment of a political monopoly that society could not be formed anti protest.It is well known that any classification leaves out a lot do not fit in with her details and facts. A typical example is the systematization of modern Russian parties. To any direction, for example, include the Russian civil front Harry Kasparov's "Other Russia" and "National Assembly", covering a wide range of citizens and their associations of very different, often polar views?You can, of course, to call them "right-left" - by analogy with antielitism opposition 1992-1993. But the definition of "right-left" says nothing about the essence of this phenomenon: "irreconcilable" FMG, ETC and have only the rejection of the existing government, in all other respects, their views diverge dramatically.And how to classify recent Tiger "Association of initiative citizens of Russia", the organizer of the December shares in Primorye against increase of duties on imported used cars? His platform is very eclectic: requirements to set "fair prices for gasoline and freeze utility prices are combined with a protest against the "domination of the media information of one party and its leaders and the lack of any information about other parties and organizations". TIGER is also against the "dictatorship of the "United Russia" political censorship" against "the recent amendments to the Constitution, ...are deprived of the last vestiges of democracy", against "mired in official corruption," etc.By and large, ought to enter for organizations such as the Tiger, FMG, "Other Russia" and "Datasample" heading "anti-system opposition". In her way, perfectly fit also the national Bolsheviks, "defense", kasyanovskaya Russian people's democratic Union, "Solidarity" and a number of leftist organizations like Left front and the Left party "Russia - common sense".And at first glance it seems strange that in General a number of opposition were left and the right. In today's political reality has been known to shear, namely: "left-right" division has new meaning. The change of opinion on the "right-left" continuum has happened before. So, at the turn of the 1980-90's in the "left" went the proponents of change, i.e. the Democrats, while their opponents, the Communists were presented to the public consciousness as "right". In the 1990s, the picture is turned upside down: now the adherents of the reform were called "right-wing", while their opponents regained the title of "the left".And now, it seems, again, there is a revaluation of values: "left", regardless of the particular ideology, gradually become opponents of the regime, "right" - his followers. If all goes as it is now, then very soon the most interested in politics in our country will forget how content yesterday was filled with the division between "left" and "right", and start to give these words new meaning. Moreover, the ranks of the "left" will steadily grow, and "right" - to melt. Weakness and marginality of the current anti opposition here is not an indicator. Except in some 1989 the government's opponents were stronger, more powerful and more numerous than today? Quite the contrary, an order of magnitude weaker and fewer in number, that did not stop them after a year to take control of about a third of the Russian Parliament, and in a half - unexpectedly for everyone, including themselves, to emerge victorious from the confrontation with the Communist party.Prospects of today's anti opposition are no less promising. And it's not even in crisis, considerably complicating the lives of those in power. In the late 1980s, the rulers of the country were really taken aback by the catastrophic deterioration of economic conditions, the current, on the contrary, meet the crisis more or less prepared. In another case. The power was so captivated by the establishment of political monopoly and the elimination of sedition that society could not be formed anti protest. A spring too tightly squeezed, one awkward movement - and she breaks, and anyone who tries to stop her, get on the nose, and very painful. From time to time of economic prosperity allowed not only to retain the spring and compress it even more. The crisis has created a lot of problems that distract the attention of the authorities from the vigilant monitoring of spring. One never knows, your hand shakes, the pressure will weaken slightly, and steel spiral will begin the return movement, increasingly gaining power.The success of the Communists in the just past elections (primarily in the Tver city Duma) suggest that the confrontation between the regime against the gradually becomes law.Indeed, from the point of view of the system of coordinates of the Communist party is the most anti of all admitted to the election campaign of the parties. If elections are equal and free, they took place in an atmosphere more or less fair competition, the success of the force, getting points on the rigid criticism of the authorities, probably would have been even more impressive. And the behavior of many candidates-United Russia party members hiding in the campaign of their party affiliation, speaks for itself. Nobody wants to be near with expandable spring.

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