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Ludmila SEROVAHow not to write about it, it will not be enough. The main slogan, which was originally the basis for the so-called housing reform is the desire to lead in this area professionals. Here will examine this problem.Thus, in accordance with the Housing code, we still have the right to make a decision about choosing a way to manage their apartment building. Few Russians have decided on this issue, someone created TSZH, someone in small houses gave preference to micro-manage, but most chose existing Dezy (Directorate single customer) and other analogs, as state. They say let it be as it is, as long as we head on this subject was not sick. However, often this choice, for example, in Moscow was made for the residents of the representatives of the Duty. Someone managed to create TSZH and to give it up, returning to Duty, someone is trying to remove its President of the HOA and so on. People today impose as managers of the poor of the company with registered capital of 10 thousand rubles. Thus, the Housing code only in the direction of housing reform has created more problems than it brought benefits. And this is only the beginning.For example, in Moscow, imposing to most people the choice of Duty as the method of administration, decided Dezy be eliminated in the form in which they exist, as a state unitary enterprise. To privatise these enterprises issued by the Moscow city government decree N 299 dated 24 April 2007. It turns out that most residents have entrusted the management of his home state enterprise, and tomorrow it becomes a private office with all the ensuing consequences. However, there will be a name and succession of the management of our homes, our land, our property, but in order to obtain commercial profit.But back to the question about the professionalism of those who tomorrow will be to manage our homes. It is logical to assume that most professional people are those who from year to year in the course of my professional life engaged in this work, i.e. employees of the Duty and those companies that serve our homes. And here we are asked to do one of two things (although formally invited to make a choice of three options): either save those who still make this work, but on other conditions – commercial, or invite it to do those who do this work not doing (or doing it yourself without the proper qualifications).They say that there are already licensed management companies in the housing sector, but information about them is not provided. But no matter how professional property management company, it will not serve our homes. But those, who repairs, monitor the condition of the house and keep track of our interests are the same LLC, JSC or JSC, which make it today, which are often illegals immigrants from the former Soviet republics. It is understood that the professionalism to speak of. And these companies win the competition on service – offering the lowest prices. But does such an approach will allow to come in the utilities sector professionals? And where are these professionals? And who prepares them? Did you know at least one vocational school, which trains specialists in the repair of pipes in houses? Or maybe you know at least one INSTITUTION of higher education where managers or managers of apartment building?If you come to this area businessmen, their goal is not the quality of the content dwelling house, and to maximize profit even at the expense of quality. Anyway, it was always so without proper oversight. And who will exercise this control? The one whose income depends on cost minimization? We know that in our country businessmen know only two ways of getting a higher return is the price increase and decrease the scope of work for these rising prices. What is the housing sector is better or worse than others? After all, it was fear of unreasonable growth of tariffs for housing and communal services and drive people to prefer the still existing state enterprises in this field. And the state is going to withdraw from this field, but does not intend to reduce the taxes that are spent on administrative staff.The only area where quality can grow with the cost reduction is an area where the supply of services. I can name only one branch in Russia, you know everything is mobile communications. But the housing sector is heavier and not as agile. Phone, the operator providing the service or tariff, you can change any day and at any hour. Your choice depends on you and also requires obtaining the consent of the other 50 percent of the residents of your home. You do not sign a contract for a year or more. You are not required to provide documentation and technical condition of the house to balance on the balance, to contract with a monopoly in the face of Mosenergo and communities.So what is the market and professionalism in this field in the new environment can be a speech? Who also will be interested in maintaining their homes?Tell us, what got you into got apartments in the property, so now have to manage your property. If the apartment in which we live is a plant, factory or oil well. Who, after all, just as most residents issued free property in their own flats, grabbed the plants and wells. But unlike them, our apartment is the place where we live, and sometimes only sleep between work and work, and do not earn millions of dollars in profits. We propose to engage the services of housing all day, to spend more money without guarantees that our house will not collapse soon.It is time to recognize that housing reform was a big mistake, and the best way out of ill-conceived reforms is to abandon them.

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