Russia will enter the gas cartel

The conditions for the creation of a gas OPEC is virtually agreed upon by the representatives of the three countries: Russia, Qatar and IranNatalia ZhuravlevaRussia, Iran and Qatar - the main suppliers of gas has reached a basic agreement on the formation of a so-called gas OPEC. On Tuesday said the Iranian Minister of oil industry of Gholamreza Nazari after meeting with representatives of Gazprom and Qatar. According to analysts, the creation of this organization will enable countries to coordinate their actions in the gas market, but its role differs greatly from the role of OPEC oil."We took important decisions. There is a demand for the creation of the gas OPEC, and reached consensus on the establishment of a gas OPEC," said Gholamreza Nazari to journalists after the meeting with representatives of Gazprom and Qatar."The share of these countries account for over 55% of world gas reserves and about 27% of global gas production"However, the head of "Gazprom" Alexei Miller, speaking at a press conference after Nozari, spoke about the creation of a gas OPEC more diplomatic. "We decided to bring together contacts, and we can say that today was formed by the big gas Troika", he said, adding that the meeting of the gas exporting countries aims at the provision of guarantees peace in the supply of gas.According to Nozari, senior representatives of the three countries constitute a special Committee. Miller explained that the Committee will work including the implementation of joint projects."Will encompass a wide range of issues, including exploration, processing and sale of gas", - quotes its words Reuters."The gas reserves in Russia, Iran and Qatar, we are the biggest country in the world. And here is for the extraction of this "three" ranks in the top ten. If Russia ranks first, Iran second, Qatar is inferior to several countries, including the United States," - said the newspaper VIEW analyst IFK "Metropol" Alexander Nazarov.Estimated BP gas reserves in Russia amount to about 45 trillion cubic meters, Iran - 28 trillion cubic meters, Qatar - 26 trillion cubic meters. "Thus, the share of these countries account for over 55% of world gas reserves and about 27% of global gas production," adds the analyst of YOKES "Kapital" Vitaly Krjukov.Among the largest producers of gas in the world is also part of Algeria. Currently gas producers in the United Forum of gas exporting countries (GECF) Ministerial meeting to be held in Moscow in the second half of November. In the informal Forum of gas exporters in addition to these four countries are Bolivia, Brunei, Egypt, Indonesia, Libya, Malaysia, Nigeria, Oman, Qatar, Trinidad and Tobago, UAE, Venezuela and Norway (as an observer).The energy Minister of Qatar, Abdullah al-Attiyah suggested that at the next meeting of these countries can be confirmed by the creation of a gas OPEC.A supporter of the creation of the organization, which, like the oil cartel, could regulate gas prices in the world market, has long acted Iran. However, Russia is far more reserved attitude to this idea, noting that the price of "blue fuel" impossible to regulate due to the lack of gas market as such."If the gas OPEC will be created, it will be able to regulate the production of natural gas and the transportation routes, but not gas prices. In most regions in the world, gas prices are derived from prices of oil and oil products, as well as other alternative fuel, so gas prices are not determined by the ratio of supply and demand," explained the View Vitaly Kryukov.For example, in Europe the supply of gas exceeds the demand, however, prices are not falling, but only grow due to the increase in the prices of oil and oil products."Only next year, gas prices in Europe will decrease as a result of the fall in oil prices since mid-July," added the expert."Indeed, the activity of a gas OPEC is much more difficult oil cartel from a technical point of view," agrees Alexander Nazarov. Is the gas trade has its own characteristics. Transportation is conducted through the pipeline. Gas is not traded on the stock exchange due to the lack of a global platform".Therefore, analysts say, prices will not be adjusted by simply adjusting the volume of offers. Plus natural gas is being supplied under long-term contracts, depriving sellers of flexibility in pricing.According to Alexander Nazarov, after the creation of the gas OPEC countries will "work in cooperation for the development of the gas industry".Gazprom would be interested to cooperate with Iran and Qatar in the field of gas production and LNG production, to implement joint projects in geological exploration, maybe purchase gas, said Kryukov. "In any case, the creation of a gas OPEC would allow countries to coordinate their actions in the gas market, but its role differs greatly from OPEC oil," he concludes.

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