The Kremlin accelerates the Prosecutor General's office

Because Khodorkovsky and GontmakherSergey NikanorovIn the near future in the General Prosecutor's office of Russia is expected to lead to major personnel changes. This was reported by "Nezavisimaya GAZETA" on condition of anonymity, a source in the presidential structures.According to the source, the initiator of the change is the Kremlin, who are dissatisfied with the quality of work of the state office of public Prosecutor on several high-profile cases and the marked increase in the number of corruption scandals in the Department. Prosecutor General Yury Chaika in this situation it is essential to strengthen their positions. Especially on the eve of another battle with his main enemy hardware - the head of Investigatory Committee at office of public Prosecutor (SKP) the Russian Federation Alexander Bastrykin. So the attorney General, apparently, in General, will support planned by the Kremlin human revolution in their own office. Even despite the fact that you have to sacrifice a few of their subordinates.The first and most prominent victim of the "revolution" may be the Deputy Prosecutor General Viktor grin, in charge of major crimes. Until recently he was considered one of the key team members Gulls. On my current position grin appeared in July 2006 - just after Yuri Chaika in the unexpected result of Putin's "racerback" took the place of Vladimir Ustinov. Recently, however, Victor grin, it seems, several times put his boss in an uncomfortable, to put it mildly, the situation. So, according to our data, great irritation in the Kremlin caused a letter on the application of the Federal law On decriminalization of tax sphere" that grin sent prosecutors of subjects of the Russian Federation in the beginning of this year. As you know, the law signed by President Medvedev in December 2009, establishes that criminal prosecutions for tax evasion now can be excited only in the presence in force of the relevant decision of the tax authority. Victor grin in his letter actually urged prosecutors not to enforce the law, and to do it the old way: to authorize the initiation of tax cases regardless of the presence of such decision.Not well understood it seems to grin and behavior in a number of high profile criminal cases. For example, in the so-called "crab business", which has long been a question of "honor of the uniform" for the Investigative Committee at the interior Ministry and hardware ally Yuri Chaika. According to investigators, a group of businessmen headed by a U.S. citizen Arkady Gontmakher in 2006 organized criminal community, which controlled the illegal catch of king crab in the sea of Okhotsk. In 2008 Gontmakher and several of his accomplices were in the Metropolitan detention center "Matrosskaya Tishina". At first Victor grin has helped police in the investigation. However, in the fall of 2009, his position has changed dramatically. Grin and decided not to indict the participants of "business Gontmakher" additional charges, approving the indictment unchanged.Moreover, the interior Ministry insisted that the process was held in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskiy, by place of committing major crimes. However, "contrary to the opinion of the Investigative Committee at the interior Ministry of Russia, as writes in his letter to the President of the Supreme court Vyacheslav Lebedev, the head of the Russian Ministry of internal Affairs Rashid Nurgaliyev, Deputy attorney General V. Y. Grin criminal case to the Moscow city court. By some estimates, Ministry of internal Affairs has addressed to Yuri Chaika a few uncomfortable questions about the motivation of his action as a defensive substitute.The most likely successor to Victor green is considered the legendary investigator, 55-year-old Salavat Karimov. He occupies a modest post of the adviser of the public Prosecutor, but, according to our source, informal influence Karimov Yuri Chaika "goes far beyond the office." Karimov in the early 2000s led the criminal cases of Vladimir Gusinsky and Boris Berezovsky, for which he has earned in the media nickname "killer oligarchs". In 2003 Karimov was entrusted with the Yukos affair. However, two years later, "killer oligarchs", apparently, had a conflict with his then-chief Vladimir Ustinov and the Kremlin curator of the "Yukos case" Igor Sechin: according to one version, Karimov went with the leadership of the views on "some of the objectives of the investigation." Karimov then sent into honourable exile to his birthplace, in Bashkortostan, - for the post of first Deputy Prosecutor of the region. In 2007, after the creation of the Investigative Committee at the Prosecutor's office, Karimov is expected to return to Moscow. But Alexander Bastrykin, a Pro Sechin, "killer" in the UPC did not take. But Karimov immediately took Yuri Chaika. Possible successor grin is considered in the prosecution of the person rigid, often working "on the verge", but non-corrupt. And this is what the Kremlin needs and Seagull.It is not excluded that to part with the posts also have prosecutors Dmitry Shokhin and Valery Latino, which now represent the prosecution at the trial of Mikhail Khodorkovsky and Platon Lebedev in the Khamovnichesky court of Moscow. Scandalously low level of work of prosecutors in the process has become a byword. How ironic observers the impression that Shokhin and Lakhtin interested in the collapse of the case. Although, of course, it is more about professionalism. And more precisely - in its low level.Besides Shokhin and Lakhtin were never human Yuri Chaika. They are representatives of the team of Vladimir Ustinov, who miraculously survived after the reshuffle of 2006. Most likely in case of dismissal Shokhin and Lakhtin can easily find alternate aerodrome in the UPC. At the same time, it is expected to rise another Prosecutor involved in the "case of Yukos" - Gulchehra Ibragimova, which is considered a protГ©gГ© of Salavat Karimova and can be the main Prosecutor in the controversial process in contemporary Russia.Experts believe that the permutations in the Prosecutor's office may be followed by the creation of a single investigative Agency comprised of the structure of the current investigation Committee at the Prosecutor's office and the interior Ministry. "NG" is monitoring developments.

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