My happiness

My happiness vanished like a cloud, " writes long-suffering job (30:15). He was a very wise man, a great Saint and happy like few, but he says, my Happiness vanished like a cloud.The problem of happiness is a problem for all people on earth, and today, after 3500 years after job, all of the thoughts of man, as soon as he gets out of childhood, - to find happiness. This is especially characteristic of youth.What is happiness? There is no definitive answer because it depends on what the person sees their happiness. Job had it all: wisdom, riches, nobility, good health, wonderful family, glory and honor. He was happy, but his happiness vanished.Millions of people from age to age are looking for happiness, but if you could ask them at the end of life: were you truly happy? Very few would say Yes, but then would have added the words of job: "but my happiness vanished like a cloud. Probably not on earth person who was happy the rest of my life. Most all would answer that they were not happy.Why is this happening? That does not allow a person to feel the joy of living and enjoying life? If we consider the human heart as the spiritual center, which seeks gratification, conditionally it can be divided into three sections - top, middle and bottom of the heart.The upper part is its very easy to meet fun that short. The sources are mostly out of the person. They warm up on his feelings, give a fast transient satisfaction. Cheerful society, a humorous TV shows, plays, of course, entertaining, but can they provide happiness and genuine joy? Left alone with a man does not feel happy, even if he has fun life.Wise Solomon wrote: even in laughter the heart may ache. People feel a void in my soul, and no matter how much they should feed her joy, to give satisfaction it can't. Fun, oddly enough, does not give joy.Joy is a feeling of happiness and satisfaction, not short-term sources of their. They fill the middle part of the heart. There is a joy, from which the soul receives happiness and satisfaction: from communication with nature, high art. The artist can live his painting. He is joyful and happy from their labor. Composers, musicians experience the joy and satisfaction. A man of science, absorbed in his invention, can feel happy. And family life, in love and harmony, can't give real joy and happiness? When a person is happy and joyful, filled the middle part of his heart.People are looking for happiness in science, wealth, art, family life, but when they do not often reach this, we find that something is still lacking. Is empty the bottom of their hearts.Joy and happiness are fragile. The artist may go blind and lose the source of their happiness. Composer and musician to become deaf in the Prime of life like Beethoven. And what about happiness? Infidelity and death destroy it. How much broken by the infidelity of hearts or those who are seeing them off in the last journey of a loved one, I repeat: my Happiness vanished like a cloud. Artist Aivazovsky so portrayed the life of a person.- Early morning, a young man fifteen years sets sail on the sea of life. At the dock the boat, the sea is calm, happy parents and friends escorted him. This morning life. And then on the sea, sailing ship, gather the clouds, stormy sea - the middle of life. And here's the final: dark clouds hid the sky, a violent storm, the ship sinks. On the surface there was only a mast, and she clutched the hand of a drowning man, hand, happy once boys…Nothing is firmly in this world: health, honor, glory, wealth, family happiness. The person always lacks the fullness of joy. Its source can only be God. He is faithful and never changes. The joy of salvation in Jesus Christ embraces the whole person and reaches the bottom of his heart. The word happiness is not enough. Christ spoke about joy, not about fun. He talked about the bliss, not happiness, for bliss is something more than happiness…The joy of the earth is short, and the joy in Christ continually. There is no storm that would have dispelled it, there is no force that kidnapped her, if we abide in Him. You can lose everything in this world, like a lost job, but the joy and peace in Christ will accompany us until the end of days. During the dark days of suffering, job said, And I know that my Redeemer liveth. All joy and happiness is the end and the one from the Lord, no. The love of God warms the soul in all occasions. This solid Foundation, the Foundation resting on the bottom of our hearts. Jesus Christ, showing the Apostle John eternity, says: And God will wipe away every tear from their eyes, and death shall be no more; neither sorrow, nor crying, nor pain anymore, for the former things have passed away (Rev. 21:4). It is not earthly happiness, which is carried away like a cloud, he is not there is eternal joy and bliss.

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