A former Muslim on Christian Europe's future

Alexey YudinThe religious life of Italy in the past year was marked by, among other things, one extraordinary event. At Easter 2008, in the Vatican Basilica of St. Peter received baptism from the hands of Pope Benedict XVI one of the most famous journalists of Italy, a Muslim by birth by Magdi Allam, who became from that day by Magdi Cristiano (Christian) by Allama. Allam was known for his sharply critical books and articles about the situation of Islam in Europe today, very unflattering to Muslims themselves. After his conversion to Catholicism Cristiano Allam published an open letter to the Milan newspaper Corriere della Sera", in which five years he was Deputy chief editor of the largest and columnist. This letter is without exaggeration can be called a unique socio-religious sound last time. In this letter, among the reasons that prompted him to accept Christianity, Allam calls the realization that "regardless of the worldwide resurgence of the phenomenon of Islamic extremism and terrorism, the root of evil in Islam that is physiologically violent and historically conflictual". Leaving these allegations entirely on conscience of the author, but will introduce another quotation. Allam writes: the conversion to Catholicism was "the result of a gradual, deep inner reflection, which was inevitable, because of the threats and the death sentences handed down to me by Islamic extremists and terrorists living in Italy and operating abroad, I have five years forced to live in the shelter.However, this is not the end but only the beginning of history. 30 November 2008 Cristiano Allam, leaving journalism, creates a new party that receives the name "Protagonisti per l Europa Cristiana" ("Fighters for Christian Europe"). The proposals of this political act, indeed, represent a new horizon in the crisis of secularism and push away from new challenges. "Temporary program" partii given a sharp critique of the "ethical drift", the victim of which was a secular Europe. This ethical distortion motivated primarily materialistic and consumeristic concepts of life. Ideological disease plaguing Europe, but symptoms of "nihilism, relativism, corrected on-islamski, blagodeteli (buonismo), laicism, legal subjectivity, activity against their own interests, indifference and, in terms of the broader social action, multiculturalism".In the political programme of the Allama and his associates referred to "an inevitable suicide of Europe" for the sake of domination at the global level in the economy of wild capitalism, devoid of ethical rules and human rights. The paradigm of this development seems to Communist China. No less detrimental to the European situation in General appears to be and the growing subordination "in terms of values and identity" the tyranny of Islamic extremism, "making their tools in formal concept of laws, rights, democracy and dialogue, force us to tolerate violations of the fundamental principles of European Christian civilization and our entire human race".In this regard, with some degree of pathos "Interim program", says that "the Party of fighters for Christian Europe undertakes the historical mission of liberation at the personal and collective level, declaring a state of emergency in the ethics as Italian national and European priority considering a new discovery, consolidation and protection of our common European civilization.".

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