The EU no longer considers gas supplies from Russia through Ukraine reliable

The European Union does not consider the supply of gas from Russia through Ukraine reliable, said the head of the European Commission Jose Manuel Barroso."This crisis has become for me a huge disappointment and a lesson. I've never seen such a way to negotiate both our Russian and Ukrainian partners. Signed agreements, for which there should be absolutely no action. I have never seen, even when I was a mediator in the negotiation process in Africa", - said the head of the European Commission.At the same time, he stressed that relations with Russia and Ukraine remain a priority for the EU, however, the gas crisis has dealt a heavy blow" to the image of these countries.The head of the European Commission announced that it has invited the President of Ukraine Viktor Yushchenko in Brussels to discuss the consequences of the gas crisis and other problems. At the same time, he stressed that the EU "does not seek to blame for the crisis" and "does not intend to judge the intentions of the parties". "We deal only with objective fact. If the gas flow has stopped, its supply must be renewed," said Barroso.However, "without regard to which party bears the big responsibility", the EU intends to "learn the lessons" from the gas crisis, ITAR-TASS reported. At the same time, Barroso conceded that the European Commission is considering filing lawsuits in connection with the Russian-Ukrainian gas conflict. "I asked our lawyers to present all options for legal action," the Commissioner said."This applies both to private companies what they can and should do - and state-owned companies", - said the President of the European Commission. The head of the European Commission urged the EU to reduce dependence on Russian gas, diversification of energy sources and transit routes, reports Reuters. That is why Barroso called for the dispatch of an additional 5 billion euros of unused EU funds on the development of the energy infrastructure in the EU.The "gas crisis has shown that Europe needs with great seriousness to the issue of energy security", - he stressed.Speaking about the impact of the crisis, he stressed that thanks to European solidarity of the country community "managed to survive the crisis with minimal losses". This became possible due to the redistribution of the gas reserves within the EU and cross-supply of gas in the most crisis-hit country.At the same time, emergency measures taken by the EU to limit the impact of the crisis has revealed the lack of development of transmission infrastructure within the EU, as is the need to create strategic gas reserve in all European countries.

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