Salary cut, but people don't complain

During the crisis, satisfied with my salary has more than a couple of years ago.AS the character of one of the popular movie, "the pension I have a good, small, but good!" The phrase is wonderful, agree. The design is amazing, and not only because of pension so to speak! And until recently, very many of us working, could say to himself the same salary as we had - many - "small but good".Or it seemed to us that small. Or it seemed that good? Research centre of portal SuperJob has recently conducted an opinion poll on "When you were last raised salaries and are you satisfied with it?" If another six months or a year ago on higher wages could count almost every third employee (29%), while today only one in seven (14%).But! Despite this, pleased wages are now more than a couple of years ago - such at first glance paradoxical conclusion sociologists who interviewed representatives of companies and working with Russians from all districts of Russia.The crisis - and that says it all. Many have lost jobs, others much salary was cut. However, it turns out there are lucky ones who in times of global recession, wages have not only not reduced, but also increased is that the last time their "salary payday" increased less than half a year ago, admitted 14% of Russians. However, not all of them are happy with the size of increments: "Raise a penny, and prices are rising.".

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