Russia has put Latvia on the ears

Facts:Currently in Estonia 1.4 million residents have about 115 thousand persons without citizenship; about the same, according to the Embassy of the Russian Federation in Estonia of citizens of the Russian Federation. 2.3 million population of Latvia lives about 400 thousand so-called non-citizens - citizens of the former USSR, which never received after 1991 passports of citizens of Latvia."We were outplayed!.." - angrily said today the Chairman of the Commission of the Saeima of Latvia on foreign Affairs Andris Berzins, appreciating the decision of the President of Russia Dmitry Medvedev to simplify the entry to Russia for "non-citizens" of Latvia and "foreigners" of Estonia, i.e. the Russian-speaking residents of the Baltic countries, the overwhelming majority of which official Riga and Tallinn openly discriminatory conduct policy, expressed, including, in the refusal to grant citizenship with all the ensuing consequences. And now finally Russia at the state level decided to support these people that are a part of the Russian cultural space.The President of Russia, we recall, issued yesterday a decree on the procedure of entry into Russia stateless former Soviet citizens living in Latvia or Estonia. These individuals may enter Russia and out of Russia without a visa and valid documents. For living in Latvia is a non-citizen passport, and for persons living in Estonia - the passport of the foreigner.Minor children of the said persons must have one of these documents or to be registered in the prescribed manner in a document accompanying person and to have a birth certificate.The President instructed the government of the Russian Federation to provide in the prescribed manner of carrying out the actions directed on realization of the decree, and to bring its acts in compliance with the decree. As explained RIA "news" in a press-service of the Kremlin, legally new order comes into force from today.Moscow's initiative caught the Balts by surprise. In conversation with the correspondent of the newspaper "Hour" Mr. Berzins expressed surprise at the decision of Russia. "For the benefit of naturalization (living in the Baltic States the Russian people. - Approx. Km) it will not go, - said the politician. - Now it turns out to be a "non-citizen" is more profitable than a citizen".The Latvian legislator echoed by the Minister of foreign Affairs of Estonia Urmas Paet. He considers Russia's decision step towards slowing the process of naturalization. "This decision confirms the duplicity of Russian policy, - said the head of the Estonian foreign Ministry, the Estonian television. - We have to admit that the case of Russia the opposite of her words.According to Paet, Russia during all 17 years after the restoration of Estonia's independence was rebuking the Republic that the naturalization process is too slow. "But this decision Russia robs people of motivation to apply for Estonian citizenship and thus slows down the process of naturalization," said the Minister.Panic and discontented grumbling the leaders of Latvia and Estonia can be understood. In its decision, Russia first, not confirmed the duplicity of his policy, but rather faithfulness to his word: the official representatives of the Russian Federation has repeatedly stated that Moscow intended to fully support their compatriots abroad and not to abandon them to their fate. And secondly, to a large extent tied the hands of anti-Russian-minded circles of the Baltic States, the purpose of which is the extrusion, and simply put, the expulsion of Russian-speaking people outside of republics or remake them in neolatines and nevastane, the forsaken from their historical roots, Russian language, Russian culture. This Baltic leaders mean by the scientific term "naturalization", this is evident in their Russophobic policy since the collapse of the USSR. Now the authorities of Latvia and Estonia lost all motivation to impede the expeditious issuance of national passports to all those who for many years was called "non-citizens". It is no secret that, according to experts, the naturalization process was going very slowly purely because of the desire of local authorities to prevent full communication of hundreds of thousands of Russian-speaking residents with Russia, says "Russian newspaper".By the way, the actions of the Balts cause confusion even in Western Europe, where Latvia and Estonia are working so hard to imitate. In April of this year the Russian delegation to the parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) announced the intention to ensure that Estonia and Latvia was excluded from the legislation unknown to international law the concept of "non-citizens"."Latvia and Estonia introduced the concept of unilateral, more than anywhere else this term does not apply", - said the Chairman of the Duma Committee on international Affairs Konstantin Kosachev. According to him, the Russian side believes that "in this sense, neither Latvia nor Estonia does not correspond to the principles spelled out in the European Convention on human rights".However, a year and a half ago, "non-citizens" in Latvia and Estonia gained the right to visa-free movement within the EU (excluding Ireland and the UK). Prior to this, persons with a passport of non-citizen and living in Latvia or Estonia were given the status of citizens of third countries and to travel in the EU, they had to have a visa. Now, in addition to the EU, open to Russian-speaking residents of the Baltic States became Russia.This news caused among our compatriots currently rejoicing. "We have long waited for this step from our historical homeland and has repeatedly raised the issue of establishing a simplified regime for living in Estonia stateless persons", - told ITAR-TASS the Chairman of the Union of organizations of Russian compatriots in Estonia (SORSA) Sergey Sergeev. In his opinion, the situation of the more than 100 thousand Estonian owners of grey passport of a foreigner will now be harmonized and in the Eastern direction", as in the Western direction for them to have a visa-free regime and they equally with Estonian citizens can travel to member countries of the European Union."The decree of the President of Russia put on the ears of Russians living in Latvia, emotionally commented on the news in conversation with the correspondent "RG" the Latvian journalist of the newspaper "Hour" Vadim Radionov. Still I tried to persuade my mother to obtain Latvian citizenship. But now she will be able to travel without visas throughout Europe and Russia. We don't need to pester the local authorities.".

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