100 years: past, present and future of Evangelical youth movement

In Central St. Petersburg Church of Evangelical Christians-Baptists on Poklonnaya hill from 14th to November 16th all-Russian conference dedicated to the centenary of Evangelical youth Ministry in Russia.The anniversary is a good excuse to take stock. One hundred years ago, Ivan Stepanovich Prokhanov founded the youth movement of Evangelical believers. From 23 to 16 April 1908 in Moscow hosted the First Congress of representatives of youth groups of Evangelical Christians and Baptists. It was attended by 18 people from St. Petersburg, Moscow, Kiev, Tsaritsyn, Konotop, Tambov, Kharkov, shooting division.The Chairman of the Council elected I. S. Prokhanov. Youth movement stirred up the public by the power of faith expressed in works of mercy, in the preaching of the gospel. That Christian young people did then and does now in the name of God and neighbor? Historians and speakers answered this question from the pulpit, everyone is in their soul. In three days more than 150 young Christians from St. Petersburg, Moscow, Belgorod, Kaluga, Rostov, Kursk, Novgorod, Smolensk and other parts of Russia were in the past, appreciated the present and looked into the future.Last, the participants learned about the first two days of the conference. Reports Alexei Sinichkina administrative assistant, Department of theology and catechism of the Russian Baptist Union - "the Formation and development of the youth Evangelical movement in Russia, Traditions of youth Ministry" was accompanied by archival photographs and documents from the beginning of XX century.The topic of Tatiana Nikolskaya, historian and candidate of historical Sciences, speaks for itself - "Youth and the KGB." "A very inspired story. At that time there were such dire circumstances, and the youth served so! And we are in the favourable conditions of living and not doing anything for the Lord with such boldness as they are. I think it's very important to talk about persecution - it is inspiring and makes you think. Thanks to the organizers for inviting Tatiana Nikolskaya as speaker," shares Leah (Sosnovy Bor, Leningrad region).Marina Karetnikova - historian, candidate of pedagogical Sciences, honored doctor of historical theology held a walking tour in the places of St. Petersburg, is inseparably connected with the Evangelical revival. House of Princess Lieven and Gagarina, the Senate, the Synod, the Pashkov Palace, manor monument and other historic buildings appeared before the tour participants in a new, gospel light. "It was interesting to walk and historical places, a lot of positive emotions. Delighted Marina Sergeevna - the weather is bad, she stands in the rain, puts her heart into her story. Man values and respects its predecessors, which we lack. We often forget what our brothers and sisters in order that we now believe and serve our Lord." "As an animated pages of history before us appeared the images of Prokhanov, Charges, Pashkova, Fetler... We could not believe that these bearded men were once young and full of energy leaders of the youth revival in Russia. We saw how badly burned they have a heart for Russia, a country whose people have died from alcohol, poverty, senseless future more than 100 years ago. What has changed today?" - Alexey Mayorov, Rostov region.Today's Christian young people face many challenges and temptations, but this is not a reason to abandon the chosen path. About how important it is to appreciate the time said the head of the youth Department of Russian Baptist Union Eugene Bakhmutsky, head of the youth Department of the Russian Union of Evangelical Christians-Baptists. "Life, she is like a coin. What you invest your youth? Young people do not yet testability surrogate stereotypes - they are ready to brave deeds. We have over hundred years - we need to surpass our predecessors in devotion to the service of God!" Eugene is convinced that the youth has a special privilege from God. But to use it only those who believe in Him.An integral part of the Christian life - evangelism. The participants went outside to tell people about God. Practical part of the event were the distribution of the booklets and questionnaires on Nevsky Prospekt and the distribution of invitations to a youth worship service on the final day of the conference. Theoretical course Michael yelchaninova "FIND" on how to bring their faith to friends and acquaintances, lasted two days. "Well, that was not only theory, but practice is: "Find the Middle, Tell Him Your Story". A very wise and convenient approach," share the conference.The "future" of young Christians is not far off. "How will they call our generation? We have the great privilege to write a label - "the Awakening" and " dedication!" - said Evgeny Bakhmutsky. In my review about the conference, Alex Maiorov wrote: "what is your dream today we are a Christian youth of the XXI century. Daring do we in their dreams, as Fetler, who asked God to give him or to take his life. Am I ready to dream and to live as the believing youth of the early XX century? After all, today is our dream will become tomorrow's realities of our country. Worthy of what we give today, to be the purpose of our life? We're young, let's devote our youth to God - "All the best to the Lord!" - and we will live with the thought and the dream of a dedicated and awakened Russia.".

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