The Church should be involved in prison reform

Representatives of Christian confessions in Russia believe that the Church should participate in the reform of the penal correction system in the country.Head of communication Service of the Ivanovo-Voznesensk diocese of the Russian Orthodox Church by hieromonk Makarios (Marques) - known Orthodox writer and missionary, one of the authors 'basic teaching of the Orthodox Church on dignity, freedom and human rights", it was essential the cooperation between the Church and the Federal service of execution of punishments (FSIN). In his opinion, it should be much broader and deeper than now.Today this cooperation is focused on some of the maintenance effort of the current system of execution of punishments in the form as it is. But traditional religions - and the Church - first and foremost - you need to participate in a radical reform of the system of execution of punishments" - he said, commenting on Regions for the plans of the Ministry of justice to develop cooperation with the Church."This reform was discussed at the last meeting of the state Council, headed by President Dmitry Medvedev in February in Vologda. The fact that the current penal system does not correct people, and spoils. You can mention the proverb, which is common on all continents: "it Happens that good people go to prison, but a rarity - good people coming out of prison." Although our camps are called "corrective labour", those who had to be corrected, is not corrected, and those who were less prone to evil, prison breaks and spoils," said FR."Detention is necessary to readjust on segregation of prisoners. The Orthodox Church together with other faiths should work there. It is important that prisoners from the time of conviction or arrest to the time of release had no contact with the prisoners, but communicated only with those with whom society and law enforcement authorities consider it necessary for prisoners to have contact. It is important that we have not changed the prison ethnicity, prison law and other and not adapted to these phenomena, but that this ridge was broken once and for all. In this business without the help of traditional religions do not", he concluded.The Director of the family center of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of the Mother of God in Moscow priest Edward Shatov reminded that the human conscience is formed, in particular, and under the influence of religious values."Religion undoubtedly has come to help in difficult moments of life. Because the human conscience is influenced by different values, including religious ones. The Church must Express its position, and it is important that listened to her. This is especially important when it comes to the poor: the Church must defend their dignity and rights. Because if a rich man has money, he can hire a lawyer to do your own protection take care of himself. But poor people must defend the Church," he said."In Western countries, of course, in places of deprivation of liberty there are chaplains to those who recognized his guilt, to help to follow Christ, to choose the path of good, to learn to live a new life. In many Western European prisons there are chaplains of all denominations and religions that are present in this region. In this area the state and religious organizations need to cooperate," said the priest."We can hardly expect that religion in any field will be the fundamental institution: modern society is too secularized. But the true secularism presupposes respect for religious opinions. That is, it is necessary that all, or at least in many important institutions of the state religious position could be expressed and heard. You cannot dismiss it just because it's the position of the Church or such-and-such religion," he concluded.Meanwhile, Minister of justice Alexander Konovalov is configured to systematically develop the cooperation of his Department with the Russian Orthodox Church. As priorities of such cooperation, he called the work of priests in the places of deprivation of liberty, the participation of the clergy in the preparation of proposals for mercy and the Church's participation in overcoming legal literacy and legal nihilism of the population."Right - it's still an ideological thing, it is mostly in the minds of people. Without optimization, the moral part of our public consciousness this job has no prospects of success. We have therefore asked the Patriarch to consider participation in this policy that could offer the Orthodox Church", - quotes Regions words by A. Konovalov.In his view, ultimately, in society could be formed an idea of a good conscience"".

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