Easter Mystery

Each of the Gospels regarding the Resurrection mentions that the stone that covered the entrance into the tomb was moved to one side. The Gospels are not legal or journalistic reports, so some of the details they differ from each other. In each of them it is described somewhat differently, but they all insist on the Central truth.FR Laurence Freeman OSB, with loveWhat is the significance of the stone? The gospel claim that he was big and heavy. He blocked the exit, obstructed the path, obstructed access. Of course, this is a clear indication of our resistance and denial that God is life. Held by the culture of death, our fears and cruelty, and the stone is the negation of death and fear of life; it keeps us from a full-fledged answer reality.Jesus still bears the wounds of the Passion and cross. Читать полностью -->

The government is changing the rules during the game

The head of the coordinating Council of employers ' unions of Russia (unions) Oleg Eremeev told "Gazeta" about the prospects of pension reform in Russia. The government does not know what to do with pension money that was collected by Vnesheconombank, the expert believes.– Oleg V. Pension Fund once again sent out to the citizens of the information letter about the state of their savings component, and from 1 October the Russians – for the third time – will have the opportunity to choose a company to manage these funds. But, as in previous years, no serious explanatory work about the essence of the pension reform is not carried out, although the money is being allocated to this every year. Does this mean that we can face with the same results – saving running VEB by more than 90% of pension savings?– And what are the prerequisites to a sudden increase in the number of citizens who applied to private management companies, if everything is working against this? Moreover, that was not conducted information campaign.In 2005, the FIU refused to invest in pension letterheads envelopes statements on the transfer of savings in the criminal code. The Foundation motivates its decision by the fact that very few Russians have turned to private owners and even less used forms sent.The state accumulated in the VEB enormous financial resources and, it seems, doesn't know what to do with them. Читать полностью -->

Salary cut, but people don't complain

During the crisis, satisfied with my salary has more than a couple of years ago.AS the character of one of the popular movie, "the pension I have a good, small, but good!" The phrase is wonderful, agree. The design is amazing, and not only because of pension so to speak! And until recently, very many of us working, could say to himself the same salary as we had - many - "small but good".Or it seemed to us that small. Or it seemed that good? Research centre of portal SuperJob has recently conducted an opinion poll on "When you were last raised salaries and are you satisfied with it?" If another six months or a year ago on higher wages could count almost every third employee (29%), while today only one in seven (14%).But! Despite this, pleased wages are now more than a couple of years ago - such at first glance paradoxical conclusion sociologists who interviewed representatives of companies and working with Russians from all districts of Russia.The crisis - and that says it all. Many have lost jobs, others much salary was cut. However, it turns out there are lucky ones who in times of global recession, wages have not only not reduced, but also increased is that the last time their "salary payday" increased less than half a year ago, admitted 14% of Russians. However, not all of them are happy with the size of increments: "Raise a penny, and prices are rising.". Читать полностью -->

The EU no longer considers gas supplies from Russia through Ukraine reliable

The European Union does not consider the supply of gas from Russia through Ukraine reliable, said the head of the European Commission Jose Manuel Barroso."This crisis has become for me a huge disappointment and a lesson. I've never seen such a way to negotiate both our Russian and Ukrainian partners. Signed agreements, for which there should be absolutely no action. I have never seen, even when I was a mediator in the negotiation process in Africa", - said the head of the European Commission.At the same time, he stressed that relations with Russia and Ukraine remain a priority for the EU, however, the gas crisis has dealt a heavy blow" to the image of these countries.The head of the European Commission announced that it has invited the President of Ukraine Viktor Yushchenko in Brussels to discuss the consequences of the gas crisis and other problems. At the same time, he stressed that the EU "does not seek to blame for the crisis" and "does not intend to judge the intentions of the parties". "We deal only with objective fact. Читать полностью -->

Sevastopol changes status

Yanukovych pays the city economic freedomTatiana IvzhenkoAfter the formation of the government of Ukraine Sevastopol will be assigned the status of a free economic zone (FEZ). As Chairman of the city state administration Sergey Kunitsyn, his Deputy Vladimir Kazarin has recently passed a package of documents regarding the FEZ, preparing for another period of work of President Yushchenko, in the administration of Viktor Yanukovych. Kazarin told "Nezavisimaya GAZETA" that the new government has an interest in this initiative and to date, pass two thirds of the way to the beginning of the project.This message can be considered sensational - the question of granting Sevastopol special economic status under discussion since 1992. During this time we developed about two dozen projects, some of which has passed all stages of approvals from the Central government, but none has been implemented. If in 1995 the idea was blocked by the deputies of the city Council, which was accused of corruption, by the year 2000 in Ukraine has imposed a ban on the establishment of the SEZ because of the scandal that erupted around many areas with special economic status.A last attempt to improve the economic climate of the city has taken Serhiy Kunitsyn, who led the city administration in 2006. He recently noted that during the beginning of the economic crisis in the city was created anti-crisis Committee, which concluded that "full-fledged fight with the crisis will only allow non-standard strategic decision - creation project in Sebastopol FEZ that allows you to save the production, enterprises and citizens". Читать полностью -->

Three-fourths of the way

Vitaly Dymarsky, journalistWith respect to the policy of classical philosophical dilemma - the glass is half full or half empty - it is subject to correction. Thus, assessing the first year of Dmitry Medvedev's rule, it is appropriate (and not offensive) to offer a different proportion: his presidential "glass" filled, perhaps, by one quarter.Already, however, a considerable achievement considering how unforeseen circumstances the last months of war and crisis, and objective initial conditions in the form of the current time to the power structure and staffing of the filling, which were not adapted to perform Medvedev is scheduled programme.Starting with a now almost a slogan for the formula "freedom is better than unfreedom", Medvedev then opened it, displaying their presidential agenda - the fight against corruption, the establishment of an independent court, but in General - if not "thaw", that, in the words of one political scientist, the gradual unfreezing" of public life.August 2008 seemed to be nullified all the good intentions, forcing the President to put on the uniform of the Supreme commander. War is not a time for reform, and after agrobotany guns, "Muse" for a long time silent, while politicians rake the consequences of fighting.And because after the first pre-war signals Medvedev on necessary adjustments of course the following was heard in the spring of this year, when the President gave an interview to the independent newspaper, met with human rights defenders, enrolled almost in a "fifth column", listened to alternative views on the anti-crisis measures. Released from prison the mother of many children, for which long and unsuccessfully petitioned the public. Finally, do a thing that was expected from the authorities and after the "Nord-OST", and after Beslan: has sent in the resignation of one of the branches of the military chiefs, for whom professional ethics merely to preserve by all means in their chairs.Certainly, the crisis gave Medvedev additional trumps in an uncompromising struggle for the implementation of the planned programs allowed (or even forced) to return to the original agenda, to tackle strategic issues of the country.Unless filed (all heard?) presidential signals remain only hints of future action, the transition from the "games with rules" to play by the rules"…For the remaining three quarters of the "glass" in Medvedev's still three quarters of a presidential term. . Читать полностью -->

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