Lost in translation

Leonid Radzikhovsky:Following the military victory and political, diplomatic, Victoria. Russia triumphantly won a small victorious war in Georgia - Russia won quite convincingly little diplomatic war in Europe.Europe didn't go to "disproportionate use of the words" EU - adopted a very "chewed-up" the resolution of any sanctions, no question, and in the European Parliament even made the valuable discovery that the serious fighting is still first began Saakashvili.So, the winners are not judged.And why? Usually the winners might destroy themselves: escalation victories sooner or later always leads to defeat.Therefore, the main political problem facing Russia is to be able to stop, if you will, by itself to grab with the hands feet. However, a special comic that Russia actually, I think, anywhere, in any dangerous direction and does not want to go, so even slow you down, in fact, not necessary.The only problem is that in Europe we don't believe - including, do not believe that we have no aggressive intentions. We don't believe Europe does not believe that they have similar intentions.Just mutual misunderstanding. However, this is quite sufficient (and main reason) all conflicts, up to the wars, inclusive.What could Russia do - society, politicians, top managers - from the behavior of Europe?The FACT is that Europe did not go to "multiply bad", did not aggravate the conflict. Tried to save face - and, for the rest, stepped away from the Redline.Defeated a compromiseEurope lost not out of fear - or rather not so much from fear. Читать полностью -->

What will change in the ROC MP with the advent of the new Patriarch?

Alexander Musin,doctor of historical Sciences, candidate of theologyCyril predictably became Patriarch. And everything that happened on the two cathedrals of the ROC (the local) was predictable. Two days before the bishops 'Council of the City 812" predicted that the patriarchs will be recommended by three Metropolitan of Smolensk Kirill, Kliment of Kaluga and Belarus Filaret. And so it happened.It would seem that here, at the Council of bishops, Cyril won a convincing victory: he was voted 97 bishops, while for the second 32, and third 16. However, it is not so: it is easy to calculate that Cyril scored less than half of voters - the majority of bishops (101 out of 198) didn't vote for him. The vote of the local Council was more convincing, despite the confusion in the figures, questioning the ability of the Cathedral to be (the whole world live first heard that members of the Cathedral 701 people, then that's the 702, and finally - 700). Читать полностью -->

The Christian channel TBN about anomalous heat

The program of the TV channel TBN Internet overview about the most interesting in the network for the 6th August 2010. Theme review: Issue devoted to the anomalous heat this summer and results - fires.Smoke threatThe carbon monoxide concentration in the Moscow air on August 6 exceeded the acceptable rate almost four times. The content of suspended particles in three. According to ecologists, the main danger to health are weighted particle size of 10 microns. They penetrate deep into the respiratory system and are not put out. Accumulate in the human body, these particles have a negative impact on health and lifespan. Читать полностью -->

Spies we fell out of love

Obama is insurance against the return of security forces to power in Russia.Pavel ChikovThe security forces seem to come out of the global political fashion. The U.S. Senate recently approved on the post of CIA Director Leon Panetta, who headed the office of the White house staff under bill Clinton, but not having any experience in intelligence.It certainly is a landmark destination. A landmark for our country with obviously inflated "power" part of the Russian political elite. Butthe incredible invasion of immigrants from the security services in government and oculoplasty patterns in the early 2000-ies (according to some estimates, they take up to 75% of all key positions) was associated not only and maybe not so much with the coming to power of the former KGB Colonel Vladimir Putin.Were for this and the global preconditions: the administration of George W. Bush with Vice President gray cardinal and military industrialist Dick Cheney, the events of 11 September 2001, the beginning of the international campaign against terrorism, overt militaristic rhetoric on the international arena, a fantastic military budget of America. Читать полностью -->

Island Russia

("Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty, USA)On the role of sport in the mass consciousness and the education of patriotism says the sociologist Boris DubinAndrei Shary, 12 may 2009Hockey victory in Switzerland called night celebrations of youth in major Russian cities and lively correspondence on the Internet and the blogosphere. The tone of many comments - aggressive: sports victory is seen in the posts as the triumph of Russia in General and proof of superiority of Russia over the West.- It is obvious that in this case it is not about the sport and about its consumption, its social and more political use. Not that someone is manipulating the minds of those who write in the blogosphere. Politics in Russia today, is arranged so that it is almost invisible, except in the rituals that we see on TV. And so it seems to be scattered everywhere, including in the behavior of people at sporting events or national holidays. There expressed their political attitudes and political views.But for most Russians today is very sharp and probably not solvable (at least in the short term) problem. Читать полностью -->

The statement of the members of the Advisory Council of Heads of Protestant Churches of Russia

Recently in the Russian Evangelical Protestant Christians strenuously promoted a project called "Apostolic Manifesto, which calls for the "parade of the moral forces of Russia" with 07.07.07 Its authors guarantee the prosperity of Russia under condition of elimination" identified on the so-called Apostolic Summit, the current curse of Russia - Lenin's mausoleum.Grandiloquent style and ambitious goals of the organizers of the "parade" in principle, does not conform to the form and spirit of civil and moral positions, characteristic of the Russian Evangelical Christians. They are more like a PR campaign by a small aggressive political party or group, hungry for a quick fame and public attention.We do not question the right of every believer to have his political position and his personal responsibility for the form of expression of this position in the framework of existing legislation. Moreover, as Christian believers, we cannot accept dolpolneniya dead and the living. But we adhere to the Biblical principle of non-involvement of churches in political struggle and campaigns. We, the heads of religious associations of the Russian Evangelical Christians, members of the Advisory Council of Heads of Protestant Churches of Russia, was never given authority and recommendations of individuals and leaders of religious organizations, to conduct political action, and especially to speak on behalf of our churches.In connection with the foregoing, we declare that headed us in the Church have nothing to do with public and private statements by the authors and participants of the "Apostolic Manifesto" and the organizers of the "parade of the moral forces of Russia"". . Читать полностью -->

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