Medvedev against corruption

In Russia there will be a national plan to combat corruptionOn Monday the President of Russia Dmitry Medvedev has held meeting on problems of counteraction of corruption. According to its results it became clear that the presidential decree on measures to combat corruption will be signed today, as "procrastinate anymore", because corruption in Russia is "one of the most acute problems," the main threat to the state. Thus, the country will receive anti-corruption standard of conduct, as well as a package of anti-raider measures.President of Russia Dmitry Medvedev will fulfill his campaign promise: the decree on measures for combating corruption will be signed on Wednesday."We need to do something, stop waiting! Corruption has become a systemic problem,"the head of state said, opening the meeting on problems of counteraction of corruption. "Today on the results of our meeting I will sign the corresponding decree that contains all the necessary instructions" - quoted Medvedev of RIA "news".According to the President, the problem of corruption in Russia is "one of the most acute". However, he stressed that corruption is a threat to any state, as it decomposes the business environment, reduces the capacity of the country is reflected in its image, undermines the trust of citizens to the authorities, "to the problems that the government must do.". . Читать полностью -->


Alexander GentleIs it possible to save a cleric, being the large Russian businessman?Would the leader of the organization, which now brings the roots of the Khimki forest, one of more or less known entrepreneurs who made the capital of Bank "Satan and Kº", I would reply with a bitter smile of understanding. What can I say? They are the mother will lay under a good percentage - and it's just a forest. But the General Director of JSC "heating engineer" Alexander Trofimovich Semchenko - part-time and still be God's servant: the ruler of the Bishop of the Church of Evangelical Christians, the chief editor of the newspaper "Protestant" and "Christian".In the dead of the Soviet time in a close circle of young believers with a heart trembling, he sang to the guitar Baptist hymns, preached the word of God, secretly published and distributed the Bible, for what, in the end, was captured and sentenced to three years deprived of his liberty. But hard feelings toward stomped his regime have Semchenko no; on the contrary, he is even grateful to the authorities, her hair videnova from his hectic life and gave the opportunity for three years to devote Everlasting Book. But this confuses me a soft smile. A Christian can forgive the investigator and the judge, saying after Christ: "Forgive them, father, for they know not what they do". Читать полностью -->

Reign in glory to us!

Roman LunkinWill the political stabilization of the Medvedev era the religious policy of the Russian authorities?Religious policy of the Russian state is still like a thousand years ago, building relationships, primarily with the Orthodox Church. The election of the President of the country Dmitry Medvedev, of course, will only strengthen the relationship between the government and the ROC MP. Most critics and supporters of the exaltation of the Moscow Patriarchate no shadow of doubt that Medvedev is one of the most Orthodox candidates for President. The question is, how will the growing influence of the Church, in what directions, and how it will relate with the benefits of the power structures themselves.The degree of continuity in religious policy from Putin to Medvedev is about the same as it does in the secular political sphere, that is, it is very relative. On the one hand, there is always unpredictability in how to lead the new head of state, despite the existing communication system of checks and balances (as the king had said from the tales of Cinderella, little ASTL rights: no connection can make the leg a little, and a good heart). On the other hand, in the current state with the conservative ideology of stability and order it in principle can't go about the cooling of relations with the ROC MP. Читать полностью -->

With the will to the truth about Winning

Irina GranikDmitry Medvedev vows to keep up search parties and release all the archives warPresident Dmitry Medvedev yesterday at a meeting with representatives of search groups of Volokolamsk promised to help them and save created at the Ministry of defence search specatular. Yesterday Dmitry Medvedev in an interview with Izvestia said about the need to declassify military archives and the archives of the Stalin period and gave the assurance that Stalinism in Russia will not return.Yesterday Dmitry Medvedev on the eve of the 65th anniversary of the Victory in the great Patriotic war of Volokolamsk visited places of fierce fighting for Moscow in December 1941 - frontier, where German troops were stopped. The President laid flowers to the monument to the 28 Panfilov heroes (platoon belong to well-known words "nowhere to Retreat-Moscow is behind us") and a mass grave near the village of Dubosekovo. Village Nelidovo he visited the Museum of the Panfilov heroes and talked with veterans and members of search groups from military-Patriotic clubs "Panfilov heroes", the "Warrior" and "West".The members of the groups showed the President their findings, including a safe with documents military Prosecutor's office for tea and talked about the problems of search activity. They complained that troops numbering less than 3 thousand people work hard to get the inventory and transportation, and also asked the President to prevent the disbanding of the special search battalion, created several years ago when the Ministry of defense. Dmitry Medvedev said he would speak to the Minister of defense, and assured the search engines that appreciates their work: "This is a very important activity. Читать полностью -->

NG: surplus authorities deprived the Church popularity

The hierarchy of the Russian Orthodox Church boldly invades the lives of Russian society. However, instead of peace, which the Church must sow among the people, she sometimes has fuelled protests. As the author notes today's publication in "Nezavisimaya Gazeta", this irritation in society may result, ultimately, against the state. People are going to ask the Church for all her mistakes as well as asks for the mistakes of political power.The newspaper recalls the memorial service for those killed in the recent terrorist attacks in the Moscow metro, a perfect day before the Patriarch Kirill at the station "Lubyanka". Gesture, frankly, strong, reads the article.Much more modest event was covered in the press, if the Patriarch, as usual, made a memorial service in the temple. Another thing is that in the Church, access is open to the faithful. Читать полностью -->

The best analysis of global trends in the field of religion was released in the U.S.

The American national centre of public opinion research presented the results of the study, which recognized the best at the moment the analysis of global trends in the field of religion. "Changes in the field of religion cannot be described by any simple formulation like "secularism" and "religious revival" or "faith without religion" ("believing without belonging," "believe, but don't belong" - refers to a particular community, - Regions)" - warn researchers.The analysis is based on dozens of studies of American and European sociologists on the changing religious life of the United States, Western and Eastern Europe and, to a lesser extent, the rest of the world.The US remains unusually religious for a developed country. Approximately 60% of Americans pray once a day or more often, a very significant proportion of the respondents spoke of feelings of closeness to God, feeling his presence in their lives, or to guide her. The majority indicates that faith occupies in their lives is very important.On the one hand, the faith of the Americans seemed to have been shattered. More and more citizens of the USA, remaining believers, are recognised in doubt about the existence of God. Increasing the share of those who believe in God but do not identify themselves with any religious group. Читать полностью -->

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