After six days of air travel in Europe restored almost 100%

After six days of forced break because of the ash of the Icelandic volcano Eyjafjallajokull air traffic in Europe is almost restored, reports the BBC.On Thursday, the flights must recover "almost 100%", stated the European air traffic Agency EUROCONTROL. According to the Agency, on Wednesday in Europe was made 22,5 thousands of flights out of 28 thousand planned, including all 338 transatlantic flights.Air France and British Airways gave the green light on all long-haul flights, Qantas Airways and the Australian and Chinese Air China announced a full resumption of flights to Europe. Today will start almost all flights and Lufthansa, assured her representative. "Aeroflot" yesterday delivered 55 regular flights from Moscow, the newspaper "Vedomosti".Most interesting quotes from Russian Newspapers on the subject of the resumption of flights over Europe publishes the website "Headlines".Wednesday, April 21, restrictions operated in parts of southern Sweden and Helsinki. Of the 28,000 scheduled flights done 21 000. Almost half of Russians stranded in Europe, were able to return home.In order to take passengers for a few days waiting until clears ash cloud, the UK government has temporarily lifted a ban on night flights. Читать полностью -->

All-Russian campaign of Witnesses.

March 26 Jehovah's Witnesses began spreading throughout Russia 12 million leaflets about the persecution of their organization in the Russian FederationAlexey Malyutin,This unprecedented campaign, covering all the subjects of the Russian Federation and bringing together nearly 150 thousand volunteers from the religious organization "Jehovah's Witnesses", has been devoted a press-conference "Russian action in defense of religious freedom", which took place on February 26 at the Independent press center in Moscow. It was conducted by the representatives of the Administrative center of Jehovah's Witnesses in Russia Yaroslav sivulskii and Alexey Nazarites and Director of the Institute for human rights Lev Levinson. Stated in the announcement, the head of the Moscow Helsinki group Lyudmila Alekseeva could not come, as it sat in Council for human rights and civil society institutions under the President of the Russian Federation, where, incidentally, were discussed and the current persecution of Witnesses. The head of the Council Ella Pamfilova even officially decided to turn to their defense to the Prosecutor General of the country.Who opened the meeting with the press Lev Levinson, who came to the metro, shared her observation: many of the passengers of the Moscow subway was reading the booklets that they have received, probably at the entrance to the subway. Moreover, the delayed reading them, few people would not read the booklets before the end. Four pages, printed, as it is written in the output, in Germany, compares the persecution of Witnesses in the Soviet Union and their discrimination in modern Russia. Читать полностью -->

Human nature is subject to the five immutable laws, observations show

Human nature may, subject to the same immutable laws as nature as a whole, believes the magazine the New Scientist. To assert this with confidence, not least because not everyone will like the idea of a "handling" in addition to the human will. However, long-term observations and research lead to this conclusion.The article referenced by InoPressa, lists five laws of human nature, manifested itself most.Parkinson's law, formulated in 1955, explains why the work we always have no end: "all work expands to fill all released on time." The author of the law - the civil servant and historian Cyril Northcote Parkinson - substantiated their findings with statistics. Later this idea was confirmed in mathematics.In addition, Parkinson argued that the amount of time spent in the organization to discuss the question, is inversely proportional to its importance, and also figured out that the Commission number of 19.9-22,4 (tenths of a show a partial presence, that is, those who have sat and gone) becomes totally unusable."Student syndrome" - the habit to work only at the last moment before the deadline. Some management specialists recommend not to allocate a lot of time on specific projects, as employees will still delay the start of work to the last.The author of the article, for its part, says it is correct to count the time on the comic Hofstadter's law: "Work always takes more time than you expect, even if you take into account Hofstadter's law".The Pareto principle in a General form is stated as "20% of efforts give 80% of the result, and the remaining 80% effort 20%." This ratio is valid in many areas. So, in most countries 80% of property is owned by 20% of the population, in most systems, 80% of events cause 20% of possible causes.Private companies often use the Pareto principle as fundamental: for example, decide to take on the most important 20% of the work to get 80% of the total remuneration, the article notes.The hypothesis of Bruce Salem says that engineering education is a beneficial ground for the belief that God created the world. Читать полностью -->

Is a holiday with tears in his eyes.

The moral standing of States can be judged by how it cares for its culture and old menMaria Sveshnikova"ORTHODOXY AND the WORLD", April 26, 2010I somehow immediately drew attention to them. Rather, first noticed her. Of course, seniors in the metro - not uncommon, but for some reason I thought she was not someone who often goes down into the earth. Too clumsy and awkward she was pushing cloudy morning-inhibited and simultaneously aggressive clients of the Moscow metro. The awkwardness was partly due to the fact that her sleeve was kept quite an old man. Apparently the husband. Читать полностью -->

Medvedev created historical Commission to combat the falsification of the country's past

President of Russia Dmitry Medvedev has signed the decree "About the Commission under the President of the Russian Federation to counter attempts to falsify history to the detriment of Russia's interests". About it as transfers ITAR-TASS, reported on Tuesday a press-service of the Kremlin.To head the new Agency will be the head of the presidential administration Sergei Naryshkin, RIA "Novosti". Only the jury was composed of 28 people, including representatives of the presidential administration, foreign Ministry, the FSB, the SVR, the Russian security service, the Ministry of regional development, Ministry of justice, Ministry of culture, the Public chamber, the state Duma, the Russian archives, Federal science and innovation, said in the text of the decree published on the Kremlin website.The Vice-Chairman of the Commission appointed Deputy Minister of education and science of the Russian Federation Isaak Kalina and assistant head of the presidential administration Igor Sirosh, Executive Secretary - head of the Department of Administration to the President for domestic policy, Ivan Demidov.The President has repeatedly denounced the falsification of history, including the great Patriotic war. In an entry in his video blog on the eve of Victory Day, he noted that the attempts of falsifications "are becoming more stringent, angry, aggressive.". . . Читать полностью -->

Russia dismissed new US proposals for cooperation in the field of missile defense: Nothing new

Russia rejected the latest US proposals for cooperation in the field of missile defense and will speak on this issue already with the new American administration of Barack Obama. This was stated by the reporters on Wednesday on condition of anonymity, a senior source in the Kremlin. In his words, "received from the U.S. proposals as insufficient."Nothing new," said the representative of the Kremlin administration. - Ideology is this: the current administration wants at any price to maintain the necessity of this decision and to exclude any discussion about the appropriateness of such decisions themselves."."We're not prepared. Consent for these proposals we will not give, and will talk with the new administration," - said in the Kremlin. Читать полностью -->

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