Against sex

Alice ChudakovaThe sexual revolution has exhausted itself, the abundance does not have to wait long and were born in the world a new phenomenon antisex. It came up to RussiaReplaced the sexual revolution of the 60s-70s ( and if to speak about Russia, the late 90s), came opposite ideology antisex. Although glossy magazines and television continue to promote the cult of regular intimate relationships, many are willing to give them up. And, not for time, but forever. Some scientists are talking seriously about the emergence of a "fourth floor", which exists along with the followers of hetero-, Homo and bisexual relationships. In Russia there are about 7 thousand people.In 2001, 23-year-old American David Jay realized that it, unlike many friends and girlfriends, after several cocktails was not drawn to the bed. Читать полностью -->

Half of the country rents

Despite the fact that over the past decade, there are more opportunities for housing, private apartments or houses acquired only a few. Remains hopes that property prices will sooner or later become acceptable to the majority.The owners of privatized apartments are currently 48 percent of people in Russia, while in November 2008 private housing had 52 percent of Russians.Company Russian Realty Research (R3) holds a nationwide survey, which was held on 29-30 August 2009. It was attended by 1,600 people in 140 villages in 42 regions, territories and republics of Russia.According to the researchers, 34% of residents have their own house or part of house (November 29 percent). 10 percent of respondents have housing social contract of employment and 4 per cent rent from private individuals.Experts indicate that over the summer increased the number of Russians who want to improve their living conditions, but do not have this possibility: in may, stated that 30 percent of survey participants in August, 36 percent. The number of citizens who intend in the next year to purchase a house, at this time has not increased and remains at less than 10 percent.General Director of Russian Realty Research Nikita Chulochnikov noted that recently there has been "aging" of a group of Russians who cannot afford to buy housing: if earlier it had been stated by mostly students, but now the group has expanded at the expense of the middle age category (25-34 years)."When designing public housing programs need to raise the minimum age of participation, as this problem is now common not only for young but also for families of middle age," believes Chulochnikov.The researchers also noted that the Russians, who planned the purchase of real estate, were more likely to rely on the proceeds from the sale of existing homes. At the same time, the number of citizens counting on the help of relatives, was reduced from 22 percent in may to 16 percent in August. Читать полностью -->

The NATO Secretary General has asked Russia not to continue with exercises at the European borders

Held in the autumn of last year a large-scale Russian military exercises did not answer generated positive spirit of relations between NATO and Moscow, said NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen. "So I hope that in the future we will not see such teachings," said the NATO Secretary General the Agency BNS, in Brussels.However, according to Rasmussen, he does not believe these teachings a threat to any of the NATO allies, reports "Interfax". We will remind, in September in the Western region of Russia and Belarus held a joint exercise of the armed forces of Russia and Belarus "West - 2009" and exercises of the armed forces of the Russian Federation "Ladoga - 2009"."In our view, this exercise lacked transparency. But, in saying this, we do not considered them a threat to any NATO ally," he said at a meeting with journalists of the Baltic republics, NATO Secretary General.Lithuanian Prime Minister Andrius Kubilius said in the past months the Russian media that the NATO exercises, which will be held in the Baltic republics, is not directed against Russia, but are associated with joint military exercises of Russia and Belarus."We will conduct exercises throughout NATO, including the Baltic States, but these teachings will be completely transparent and will fully comply with all agreements between NATO and Russia", - said the NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen.NATO Secretary General to understand why the Baltic States were afraid of the helicopter carrier MistralAnders Fogh Rasmussen also expressed the hope that France would take into account concerns of the Baltic republics in connection with the sale of modern Russian helicopter carrier Mistral class.At a meeting with Polish journalists in Brussels on Monday, NATO Secretary General expressed confidence that the deal between France and Russia in line with international requirements, and Moscow, in turn, will never use weapons against any of the NATO allies."I understand the concerns of some allies, including the Baltic States, and know that these fears have also been expressed to the government of France. I hope that France will take into account these concerns," said Rasmussen.The Baltic republics have expressed concern about the sale of "Mistral" Russia after France in February announced a corresponding bilateral agreement with Russia.Mistral can carry 16 helicopters, 40 ground offensive machines, up to 900 troops and simultaneously perform all the functions of a command post, that is, it can be concentrated all the power necessary for military operations.Lithuanian representatives say that the deal reveals the attitude of the defense policy of Russia, which in its released this year's new military doctrine names NATO as one of the most serious threats.To the question about the attitude of Russia to NATO, Rasmussen said that certain provisions of the doctrine contain "language of the cold war, so he urged the Russian leadership to stop this rhetoric that is not conducive to improving relations between the Alliance and Moscow."NATO has no intention to attack Russia, and in saying this, I can stress that do not consider Russia a threat to NATO," - said the NATO Secretary General. . Читать полностью -->


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