The demand for the meaning of life

Preachers on the market of faith respond to the needs that are not satisfied by traditional churchesMaxim Trudolyubov100 years ago every leading sociologist and philosopher firmly say that traditional forms of religiosity little time left to live. The path of history and the Church parted: the story has moved forward, the Church has become a hindrance to modernization.Although many people may think so now. Only their habitat on the planet is not so extensive - they live only in Western Europe, on the island of Manhattan (new York area) and a few University campuses. These are areas where religion and religiosity are either not important, or at best are subject to skeptical scrutiny, according to the authors of the book "God is back" John Micklethwait and Adrian Wooldridge. This is the island where the live-born in the Enlightenment tradition to oppose the progress and religiosity. But this tradition did not become global. Читать полностью -->

Power tandem

Dmitry BavarinSuch folk Putin we have not seen for a long time. Yes we do this have not seen.Group of people in hard hats, work clothes, as if just emerged from the workshops and rising up from the mines, report to the Chairman of the government of the labour successes, but ask at the end - "for what?" "how to live on a pension?", "where is the justice?".Bursting through telephone operators the young man, in any easy to suspect the Commissioner "Ours", brands "Nouveau riche", the mores of the rich and "rides" in Switzerland, rhetorically asking the Prime Minister why it is impossible to "carry into the house, and not from home.". . . . . Читать полностью -->

After the video letter Yury Shevchuk power Izhevsk decided not to demolish 600 homes

Power Izhevsk left at home alone after treatment of a rock musician Yury Shevchuk. In his letter to the famous musician called "face and not back to our people" and to abandon the intention to demolish several hundred low-rise houses, writes "Square." referring to the "Novaya Gazeta".As a result, the officials heard the call. The newspaper reminds that the administration of Izhevsk has directed to court the claim with the requirement to demolish 600 homes built on sites that do not have the status of land areas for individual housing construction. Officials didn't care that the certificate of ownership of plots, construction of houses marked.Residents created the movement "My home", arranged meetings, appealed to Russian President Dmitry Medvedev, state Duma Deputy Alexander Khinshtein. However, first sent a letter to the citizens of the city back to the administration of Udmurtia, where the case has soft-pedaled, and the second replied that this question is not involved."And then, the activists of "His house" decided to seek help from musician Yuri Shevchuk, who after discussions with Prime Minister Vladimir Putin has become known as the defender of the common people from the tyranny of bureaucracy", - writes the edition. Shevchuk appealed to the authorities of Izhevsk - the reaction was immediate. Читать полностью -->

Tymoshenko is trying to save the Prime Minister's post for another six months by voting in the Parliament

Prime Minister of Ukraine Yulia Tymoshenko insists on convening Thursday an extraordinary meeting of the Verkhovna Rada with the aim to put to the vote the question of confidence in yourself. According to experts, thus she tries to prevent his resignation, because until Wednesday its supporting parliamentary coalition, most likely, still survive, writes GZT. However, on Tuesday in the Parliament announced that the question of confidence if the government will be on the agenda, it is not until next week. Until then, the supporters won the presidential election of Viktor Yanukovych expect to get beaten by the most number of MPs."The price is very high: if the faction will be able to disrupt the resignation of the government, Tymoshenko will remain as Prime Minister until September. By law you cannot have a vote of no confidence in the Cabinet more than once in a session," explains the Director of the Kiev Institute of problems of management of Konstantin Bondarenko.The Bloc of Yulia Tymoshenko (BYUT) believe that currently the Party of regions do not have sufficient number of supporters in Parliament to ensure the resignation of the government, reports But the "regionals" disagree: they argue that now there are "more than necessary" supporters.We will remind, at the end of last week, Tymoshenko withdrew from the Supreme Administrative Court of Ukraine the suit, which demanded to cancel the results of the second round of elections. Читать полностью -->

An opinion poll showed that a large number of Russians psychologists prefer psychics and sorcerers

MOSCOW. The majority of Russians in solving their psychological problems rely on our own strength, avoiding to seek some specialized help. But if they have to do this, consult about his personal life, and soul searching they prefer sorcerers and psychics, not professional psychologists. Such a conclusion can be drawn after the study published yesterday the results of a survey of the Analytical center of Yuri Levada. During sociological research 1600 adult Russians (aged 18 years) from 130 settlements of 45 regions of the country told how they are comfortable and familiar to deal with psychological problems. It turned out that 20% of people at least once in life turned to psychics and other members of the paranormal forces. Читать полностью -->


Victor SLINKINIn the Penza region "Orthodox sectarians" gone in earthen catacombs. The participants of the show scratching their hands, how do we release the innocent children, who are being held hostage to the religious follies of their parents. As if the dungeon was the last children of all the earth Russian. No one will remember the many children, who are homeless roam the streets of our land. Some even trade. But we're not here about that. Читать полностью -->

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