My happiness

My happiness vanished like a cloud, " writes long-suffering job (30:15). He was a very wise man, a great Saint and happy like few, but he says, my Happiness vanished like a cloud.The problem of happiness is a problem for all people on earth, and today, after 3500 years after job, all of the thoughts of man, as soon as he gets out of childhood, - to find happiness. This is especially characteristic of youth.What is happiness? There is no definitive answer because it depends on what the person sees their happiness. Job had it all: wisdom, riches, nobility, good health, wonderful family, glory and honor. He was happy, but his happiness vanished.Millions of people from age to age are looking for happiness, but if you could ask them at the end of life: were you truly happy? Very few would say Yes, but then would have added the words of job: "but my happiness vanished like a cloud. Probably not on earth person who was happy the rest of my life. Читать полностью -->

Experts against hate speech

In Russia initiated the formation of the Council for the examination related to the implementation of the principle of freedom of conscienceAnton AlyabyevReligious expertise in our country has become and in-demand field. Believers assert their rights, to prove his innocence, protected from offensive publications and statements. February 25, 2009 in the press center of the Slavic legal center (SFC) held a round table on topical issues of examination cases involving religious organizations. The main outcome of this event, which brought together a variety of scientists - theologians, linguists, psychologists - was the decision to form a Board for the examination (religious, linguistic, psychological, and complex).Experts, according to the chief editor of the journal "Religion and law" Professor RGGU Anatoly Pchelintsev, should try to influence the situation, as in the cases connected with the excitation of religious hatred and extremist activities, recognition of extremist literature, often attract random people far from understanding what religion is. Co-chair of the Slavic legal center lawyer Vladimir Ryakhovsky said that currently only the Council for conducting state religious expertise at the Ministry of justice of the Russian Federation, which conducts the examination only at the state registration of centralized organizations with local religious organizations on the territory of two or more subjects of the Russian Federation. Although there are plenty of other cases where courts and prosecutors the necessary expertise. Читать полностью -->

Pedophiles in the mist

In the state Duma there are lobby groups that oppose the adoption of legislation aimed at combating paedophilia. This statement was made before the Commissioner for children's rights under the RF President Pavel Astakhov. While Astakhov stressed that "despite the fact that everyone understands the need for tougher laws against pedophiles, whenever discussions in the relevant committees of Parliament are the people speaking out against such measures.". . . . Читать полностью -->

The Kremlin accelerates the Prosecutor General's office

Because Khodorkovsky and GontmakherSergey NikanorovIn the near future in the General Prosecutor's office of Russia is expected to lead to major personnel changes. This was reported by "Nezavisimaya GAZETA" on condition of anonymity, a source in the presidential structures.According to the source, the initiator of the change is the Kremlin, who are dissatisfied with the quality of work of the state office of public Prosecutor on several high-profile cases and the marked increase in the number of corruption scandals in the Department. Prosecutor General Yury Chaika in this situation it is essential to strengthen their positions. Especially on the eve of another battle with his main enemy hardware - the head of Investigatory Committee at office of public Prosecutor (SKP) the Russian Federation Alexander Bastrykin. So the attorney General, apparently, in General, will support planned by the Kremlin human revolution in their own office. Even despite the fact that you have to sacrifice a few of their subordinates.The first and most prominent victim of the "revolution" may be the Deputy Prosecutor General Viktor grin, in charge of major crimes. Читать полностью -->

At the intersection of religion and law

Anatoly Pchelintsev analyzes legal aspects of realization of freedom of conscience in RussiaB. V. Nikolaev - candidate of historical Sciences.The phrase "religious right", if it ever has a right to exist, contains from the point of view of ordinary thinking is an internal contradiction. Indeed, religion is perhaps one of the most intimate, deeply personal realms of life. Right, by contrast, is a system of formalized and universally binding norms of behavior that are installed and secured all the power of state coercion. Characterized by serpublication, involuntariness, the imperative nature.However, in modern society, religion and the right to actively interact, form a kind of symbiosis. Читать полностью -->

Media: Nurgaliev the end of the year should establish the work of the Ministry of internal Affairs, otherwise it waits for the resignation

The government has tasked the Minister of internal Affairs Rashid Nurgaliyev to the end of 2010 to fix the disastrous situation he headed the Department. According to RBC Daily, in the Central apparatus of the Ministry of internal Affairs, in case of failure Nurgaliyev may lose his post. According to experts, the place Nurgaliyev could take his first Deputy Mikhail Sukhodolsky, or will it be assigned to another person.According to a source, Nurgaliyev ordered in a short time to implement President Medvedev announced the reform of the interior Ministry. As it became known, Nurgaliyev will need to intensify work on several fronts - to significantly reduce the number of criminal cases involving police officers, high-ranking officials in General should not appear in such cases.In addition, work management agencies will have to reduce the level of corruption in law enforcement. Analyzing the success of the interior Ministry, the government will rely on the reports of the human rights and public organizations on the activities of the Ministry.Recall that in mid-February, Medvedev said that the number of employees of the departments under the Central government in the Ministry of internal Affairs in the framework of the reform must be reduced from 19 970 to 10 thousand people.The functions of the Ministry of internal Affairs will be narrowed: in particular, the Agency will no longer deal with the issues of expulsion of foreign citizens and stateless persons, carrying out inspection of vehicles and to manage a sobering-up stations - these functions will go to the FMS, specialization and the health Ministry.MIA justify the party's high-profile case about a shooting in the subwayRecall that on the last high-profile case involving the employee of the Ministry of internal Affairs, it became known last week. Then at the Moscow metro station "Timiryazevskaya" drunk Colonel of militia, the senior inspector under special commissions of Department of protection of a public order of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia Alexander Kurochkin wounded from a traumatic gun girl.According to the investigation, returning home in about 20 hours, the Colonel went to the subway at the station "Mendeleev". Читать полностью -->

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