Life with God and without

Boris FalicovMilitant fundamentalism breeds militant atheism. Although over time there may be less aggressive form of atheism.British students established the "International society of atheists, humanists and secularists". The name was long, came up with shorter - "Godless squad. In English it is also in rhyme, sounds so young and energetic. True, Russia may cause unhappy Association. In 1920-ies we have many pobeschinstvovala "Union of militant atheists, too, mostly designed for young people. Читать полностью -->

God and elections

BORIS FALICOVBarack Obama has managed to use religion to campaign more effectively than John McCain.Religious factor has played an intriguing role in the current presidential campaign in the United States. If in the past he did not conceal any surprises for George Bush Jr. is the one from the beginning bet on the Protestant fundamentalists and they were not mistaken, thenObama and McCain had to define religion on the campaign.To begin with, a black pastor of the democratic candidate Jeremiah Wright made some sharp anti-American statements (US government was de-implicated in the spread of AIDS among African Americans, and now commits terrorist acts abroad), and Obama had to respond. He did it brilliantly, no wonder he is talking about the pastor compared with the famous speech of John F. Kennedy, in which he has placed all points over i about his Catholicism. At that time Catholics were still caused distrust among many Americans, and Kennedy promised that his faith would not affect public Affairs - it will be to observe faithfully the first amendment about the separation of Church and state.So Obama said that he will never disown his pastor who married you and baptized his children, however the policy will be completely dependent on his radical views. Читать полностью -->

By the end of 2010, the religious organization will receive from the state property approximately 150-200

Religious organizations by the end of 2010 be transferred to about 150-200 religious facilities, previously located in state ownership. This was reported today by the Deputy Minister of economic development Igor Manylov at hearings in the state Duma, devoted to the government bill on the transfer to religious organizations of real estate.According to him, in 2009 at the Federal level to the ownership of religious organizations has produced more than 70 objects, in 2010, about 80. Assessment Manilova, the transfer process is well underway, as a result of "the end of the year 150-200 can be issued (transferred to the Church)," ITAR-TASS reported.The bill in question, was submitted to the Duma in June of this year. It establishes common rules for the transmission of religious organizations to the ownership or use of property for religious purposes, being in state or municipal ownership. As underlined by the Minister of culture Alexander Avdeev, the document will apply only to real property.As explained by the Manylov, the proposed rule does not introduce anything fundamentally new in the legislation, but simply prescribes the necessary procedures. By itself, the process of transferring the property of the Church has been going on for a long time, but not all, of the subject of the Russian Federation, he said.Speaking of law procedures, Manylov explained that the project "provided the claim-based procedure for the transfer of property". Читать полностью -->

Statement of the Presidium of the Interreligious Council of Russia on protection of the rights of the family and child

Family is a great blessing given to us by the Creator. The strength of social ties that unite society, is proportional to the health of families and fullness. Today the Russian government is taking adequate measures to strengthen the family institution: financial resources, implementing projects in the field of Patriotic and moral education.At the same time, a growing number of crimes committed against children. It and domestic violence, and engaging minors in criminal activity, and trading in their bodies. These phenomena motivate the state and society to take measures that would make it impossible for such treatment of children.At the same time there is another danger. In the Russian and world practice, there are cases when under the pretext of care for children, using vague criteria such as "underdevelopment", "inadequate education" or "financial difficulties" - ruined families. Читать полностью -->

Stalled charity

Exotic and fancyExtensive development of charity is the distinguishing feature of modern developed countries, designed to "balance" the rigidity of market relations, the universal race for profits. In the West it has the scale of the "charity industry" - the whole sphere of culture, education, "social sphere" there are only or almost only on donations from citizens and corporations. Laws encourage philanthropy, significantly reducing taxes. In Russia, with its "wild market" is an exotic type of activity, existing on the periphery of public consciousness.As shown by the VTsIOM poll, about 50% of Russians do not participate in charitable activities. (Among the most wealthy part of society, 41% of respondents never participated in any charity events, among the poorest - 59%.)Most of the "benefactors" were confined to those that gave alms to the poor (36% of respondents), passed old clothes and toys to orphanages, nursing homes, hospitals. These "small charity" is much more frequent in women, it is more typical of people from 35 to 55 years.Money to the accounts of a charitable organisation at least once in their life has contributed only 4% of Russians, the same number of transferred money directly to the accounts of people needing emergency treatment, surgery), 4% participated in charity concerts and exhibitions, and, finally, 3% were volunteers - free worked in hospitals, orphanages, on the restoration of monuments of culture. Читать полностью -->

The phantom of the expandable spring

Yuri KorgunyukThe prospects of the opposition today look quite promising. The power was so fascinated by the establishment of a political monopoly that society could not be formed anti protest.It is well known that any classification leaves out a lot do not fit in with her details and facts. A typical example is the systematization of modern Russian parties. To any direction, for example, include the Russian civil front Harry Kasparov's "Other Russia" and "National Assembly", covering a wide range of citizens and their associations of very different, often polar views?You can, of course, to call them "right-left" - by analogy with antielitism opposition 1992-1993. But the definition of "right-left" says nothing about the essence of this phenomenon: "irreconcilable" FMG, ETC and have only the rejection of the existing government, in all other respects, their views diverge dramatically.And how to classify recent Tiger "Association of initiative citizens of Russia", the organizer of the December shares in Primorye against increase of duties on imported used cars? His platform is very eclectic: requirements to set "fair prices for gasoline and freeze utility prices are combined with a protest against the "domination of the media information of one party and its leaders and the lack of any information about other parties and organizations". TIGER is also against the "dictatorship of the "United Russia" political censorship" against "the recent amendments to the Constitution, ...are deprived of the last vestiges of democracy", against "mired in official corruption," etc.By and large, ought to enter for organizations such as the Tiger, FMG, "Other Russia" and "Datasample" heading "anti-system opposition". Читать полностью -->

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