The Council of Evangelical Protestant churches of Ukraine will intensify its activities in the spiritual and social spheres

In the office of all-Ukrainian Union of churches of Christians of Evangelical faith Pentecostals 24 February a meeting of the Council of Evangelical Protestant churches of Ukraine (the COUNCIL). The meeting participants expressed their views about the state of Church-state relations in Ukraine and discussed the plan of activities of the Board for 2010, which envisages active cooperation of the Protestant Churches in the spiritual and social spheres, the Agency reports the Institute for religious freedom.The opening address was made by the President CHAIR Bishop Michael Panochko, which outlined the guidelines for the work of the Council during the current year. After this, the leaders of the Protestant Churches considered topical issues of Church-state relations and inter-religious dialogue.The meeting participants agreed that the continuation of the constructive cooperation of Churches and public authorities is necessary to address the most complex social issues and care of vulnerable segments of the population.The members of the COUNCIL reviewed the draft of the concept of pastoral care, the Armed Forces of Ukraine, taking into account the fact that the Ministry of defence of Ukraine resumed its work on finalizing this document. The meeting participants agreed to prepare joint proposals to the draft Concept and hold a special meeting of the Secretariat of the COUNCIL. Accumulated changes will be forwarded to the Council for pastoral care of the military personnel at the defense Ministry.The heads of the Protestant Churches also reviewed the status of the regulatory framework for the conditions of spiritual and social activities of religious organizations in Ukraine, which was presented by invited to the meeting, the head of the Institute of religious freedom, Oleksandr Zaets. Those present welcomed the announcement of the decision of the Government with respect to mitigation for religious organizations of tariffs for utilities. Читать полностью -->

Geniuses among the Russians there

Alexander ArtemevAmerican Foreign Policy magazine published the first list of 100 great thinkers of our time. It is headed by the head of the us Central Bank, Ben Bernanke, followed by U.S. President Barack Obama. Russians among the prominent intellectuals of no. Russia has no interest, because that is neither prosperous democracy nor terrifying tyranny.The influential American magazine Foreign Policy in the December issue for the first time published a list of 100 great thinkers of our time. A hundred people, including policy makers and military leaders, writers, scientists and public figures, made "with the ideas that have changed our world in 2009". Читать полностью -->

Housing will never be affordable

Viktoria NikitinaIn February 2008 the prices in Moscow the five story building has almost reached its ceiling - 4275 dollars per square meter. This growth continued in March and in the coming months, it seems, will not endFor all classes of housing capital caught up with and in some cases surpassed, the level of housing prices in Europe. The quality of housing in Moscow in many respects inferior to the European.If at the end of 2007 the average cost of a one-room apartment in Moscow began with 150-160 thousand dollars, now the minimum threshold jumped to 180-200 thousand dollars, that is almost 20%. Are you ready to pay 5 million rubles for a small in a flat with a tiny kitchen and the sitz bath? Despite the fact that for a similar price in the world's major capital cities (except Tokyo and London) you can buy quite a decent 2-bedroom apartment, and in Montenegro - even a new apartment of 40 square meters and with private Parking. In most European metropolises, the price per square meter of the middle class is 2-5 thousand dollars. We have the same initial level of prices of "cheap" housing is 4-5 thousand dollars, experts say "Integrum".Why grow?The main factor in the rapid rise in cost of real estate analysts call the psychological factor. Читать полностью -->

Modern science suffocate in lies

c.newsLies in the form of silence," and in other forms has grown in modern science, especially in genetics, to such an extent that it itself becomes a subject of scientific interest. Exposing counterfeiters follow one by one.In November 2005, first in ethics violation, and then in the falsification of scientific results has been accused of world-famous Korean scientist Hwang In-Suk , a pioneer in cloning the world's first announced the successful cloning of a dog.In January 2006 it became known that Professor at the faculty of chemistry and biotechnology, the University of Tokyo and a member of the Japanese society for DNA Kazunari Taira is suspected of lying through falsification of scientific results. Prof. Tyra in several publications announced that it managed for the first time in history to teach the bacterium E. coli to produce human protein. Repeat the experiment independent scientists have been unable.The staff of the journal of cell biology with a special test found that 25% of all accepted for publication in 2002 of scientific papers contained at least one illustration, and even more that were special, not valid in scientific publications processing. Читать полностью -->

Post collapse in Moscow takes a chronic form

Vesti-MoscowOn the Moscow post managed to stem the rapid growth in the number of undelivered parcels. However, at the post office recognize that the clock mode and the expansion is only able to correct the situation, TV channel "Vesti-Moscow".The flow of goods increases and to cope with increasing volumes, it is necessary to change the whole system of delivery, consider staff.Postal collapse covered the capital in the early years. As a result, by mid-March at the post, which receives all the international mail the Moscow region, has accumulated more than 50 thousand packages. The average delivery time of parcels increased from two weeks to two months.Employees of the post office and customs decided how to optimize the processing of parcels. In the end, in post offices increased the number of staff and switched to clock mode."Prior to the introduction of mode clock operation at the customs post "international post office" was registered about 3 800 mailings. Now, yesterday was decorated 8 592 international postage" - said the head of the customs post "international post office" in Moscow, the Central customs administration Andrey Zimin.According to Zimin, that emergency measures. Читать полностью -->

Russia demands from the EU to abolish visas for its citizens — otherwise fall through the presidential modernization

During the summit Russia-EU which will take place in Rostov-on-don on 31 may and 1 June, is expected to finish work on a joint document "Partnership for modernization". One of the main points of the partnership should be the cancellation of the visa regime between Russia and the EU to "facilitate human contacts and liberalization of labor migration", writes "Kommersant".The issue of visas is at the moment, "the main priority in the dialogue with the EU", said a source in the foreign Ministry. It addresses the real interests of millions of citizens, and without addressing the modernisation agenda will stagnate, writes the newspaper.As the newspaper notes, Russia intends to attract more foreign skilled workers to the project "innovation city" in SKOLKOVO. Free access to the country would be in this case the only advantage.Russia is going to establish a specific timeline for the transition to a visa-free regime and to determine what exactly this should be done by both sides, said the Russian presidential aide Sergei Prikhodko."Europe seems to signal us about your willingness to move in this direction, but we need to fix the date for introduction of visa-free regime. We know what questions worries Europeans: the introduction of biometric passports for all citizens, with a single EU procedure at the border. But for us it's no problem! We are ready tomorrow for us to cancel a visa under the condition that Europe will reciprocate," said Prikhodko.According to experts, substantive dialogue on visa-free regime with the EU can be considered a positive sign, but also of the orientation of Russia towards the West. Читать полностью -->

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