NG: surplus authorities deprived the Church popularity

The hierarchy of the Russian Orthodox Church boldly invades the lives of Russian society. However, instead of peace, which the Church must sow among the people, she sometimes has fuelled protests. As the author notes today's publication in "Nezavisimaya Gazeta", this irritation in society may result, ultimately, against the state. People are going to ask the Church for all her mistakes as well as asks for the mistakes of political power.The newspaper recalls the memorial service for those killed in the recent terrorist attacks in the Moscow metro, a perfect day before the Patriarch Kirill at the station "Lubyanka". Gesture, frankly, strong, reads the article.Much more modest event was covered in the press, if the Patriarch, as usual, made a memorial service in the temple. Another thing is that in the Church, access is open to the faithful. Читать полностью -->

The best analysis of global trends in the field of religion was released in the U.S.

The American national centre of public opinion research presented the results of the study, which recognized the best at the moment the analysis of global trends in the field of religion. "Changes in the field of religion cannot be described by any simple formulation like "secularism" and "religious revival" or "faith without religion" ("believing without belonging," "believe, but don't belong" - refers to a particular community, - Regions)" - warn researchers.The analysis is based on dozens of studies of American and European sociologists on the changing religious life of the United States, Western and Eastern Europe and, to a lesser extent, the rest of the world.The US remains unusually religious for a developed country. Approximately 60% of Americans pray once a day or more often, a very significant proportion of the respondents spoke of feelings of closeness to God, feeling his presence in their lives, or to guide her. The majority indicates that faith occupies in their lives is very important.On the one hand, the faith of the Americans seemed to have been shattered. More and more citizens of the USA, remaining believers, are recognised in doubt about the existence of God. Increasing the share of those who believe in God but do not identify themselves with any religious group. Читать полностью -->

Hockey player without a stick, or how much the Bible today?

Andreas PutzIn a world immersed in sin, vulgarity, atrocities, spread the cult of tolerance. So, probably, logically should be. The society that defy the laws of God, there is an urgent need. Here everything is clear.It is not clear another. Why Christianity is designed to be the salt of the earth, today with such ease refuses priceless, preserved through the centuries, carried through severe persecutions, the Inquisition and the reign of atheism values, chief among which is the Word of God?No, I do not claim, of course, that the Bible no one else buys. This book is still a bestseller. Читать полностью -->

About the external and the true purpose of the Pope's visit to the middle East

Alexander ZaichenkoEnded an eight-day visit of Pope Benedict XVI to the middle East. 82-year-old Pontiff's state visit visited two politically moderate countries in the region: Jordan and Israel, including the Palestinian authority.The Middle East region for obvious reasons, has always occupied a special place in the politics and worldview of the entire Christian world, and a half-century of the Arab-Israeli conflict gave most of the developments in this area, not only biblical and mystical, but the military-strategic and geopolitical sounding. Therefore, any visit to the Middle East, a leader in the global rank is forcing him to make the program of his visit, the issues of reducing antagonism opposing sides and searching the ways of the world. Such leaders is certainly true of the Roman Pontiff, which is the world's largest religious denomination with the number of believers over a billion people.So, naturally, from the beginning in the program of the visit of the head of the Vatican was faced with the task of traditional promoting peaceful dialogue between Islam and Judaism and between Judaism and Christianity. The logical continuation of this task in the political key is to strengthen constructive contacts between the Palestinians and Israel. This is the main, official target of the Pope's visit to the middle East.The Pope himself did not oppose such a goal, he called his visit to the middle East as a "pilgrimage of peace". Читать полностью -->

Critically, quickly and entertaining

Russian President Medvedev summed up the resultsChristine Nagel (Christina Nagel) ("Tagesschau", Germany)Russian presidents said lot of speeches on New year's eve. However, such an open television discussion in which took part the head of the Kremlin Medvedev, the Russians have not yet seen. It was impossible not to notice that the rhetorical exchange blows with critical partners interview obviously delivered Medvedev fun.Some viewers couldn't believe their eyes. This review of developments during the year Russian presidents have not done. Instead of trite questions from reverent commentators the heads of the three state-run TV was on the air with critical comments. Questions were raised about the attitude to such critics of the existing system as Garry Kasparov, as well as about fraud in the last regional elections.Medvedev was self-criticalRussian President Dmitry Medvedev is clearly derived pleasure from this form of open discussion. Читать полностью -->

Half measures will not be

Kira LatuhinaThe nationalization of the Russian economy will not, said yesterday at a meeting in Novo-Ogarev Prime Minister Vladimir Putin. Yesterday, after meeting with the President he gathered in the residence of all the Deputy Prime Ministers, Minister of economic development Elvira Nabiullina, presidential aide Arkady Dvorkovich, the leadership of the Central Bank, Sberbank, VEB and VTB.Prime Minister has put before them a clear direction - to look ahead and act "not only from the point of view of solving immediate problems, but in the long term."I would like to stress that our task is not, cannot be and will not be nationalization of the Russian economy. The increased presence of the state in economic life is a forced measure and is temporary in nature," stressed the head of government. Of course, stabilisation measures are not typical for the market economy. But it should not cause fears that Russia changes its course in the same logic apply our foreign partners". "The strategic plan is to ensure sustainable economic growth - we continue to focus on stimulating private initiative, to create favorable conditions to attract investors, both domestic and foreign," explained state policy of Putin.Not the time to save money, made it clear the Prime Minister. Читать полностью -->

Reserves of Bank of Russia will last for six months

Ilya ZinenkoPantries of Russia, from which to draw funds to fight the crisis, melt away: only one week until October 3, country's international reserves decreased by $16.7 billion, and with a high of more than $50 billion If you spend it in this volume, and further, it would last less than six months, experts say.For the period from 26 September to 3 October 2008, the international reserves of Russia (GCR) decreased from $562,8 billion to $546,1 billion, said yesterday the Central Bank of Russia. It turns out that in one week alone, the country lost $16.7 billionFor the entire month of September, the reserves decreased by $25.6 billion, and during the eight weeks that have passed since 8 August, when volume was at maximum $597,5 billion, they decreased $51.4 billionMonthly to the Central Bank, on 1 October, the international reserves amounted to $556,1 billion, in September, they fell by $25.6 billion, or $1.12 billion every trading day.Green interventionCauses of decreased reserves recent weeks, observers have called a few. At first, it's the fall of the Euro against the dollar, where provisions are recorded, say experts interviewed by the newspaper "Vedomosti". Only 1 to 3 October, the Euro lost 3.5% against the dollar, and this alone could cost $8 billion, estimated they. In addition, a very important reason - the outflow of capital. The decline in raw material prices and a stronger dollar sparked a new wave of speculation on the currency market.The Central Bank to support the ruble and prevent the outflow of deposits began large-scale interventii. Читать полностью -->

The center of Moscow was shrouded in smoke from the peat: the townspeople are advised not to go outside

The center of Moscow in the night of Wednesday was filled with smoke from burning in the region of peat bogs, the smell of burning is felt within the Garden ring, the smoke is observed visually. According to EMERCOM of Russia, only for the day in the suburbs appeared about 60 new forest and peat fires on a total area of almost 50 hectares. Peatlands are burning in Shatura, Yegoryevsk, Noginsk and Pavlovsky Posad districts of the Moscow region.In connection with wildfires in the Moscow region remains unfavorable environmental conditions. The main reason of sharp deterioration of air quality was the transport of air masses from areas of forest and peat fires."Many weather stations have recorded such phenomena as the haze (clouding of air suspended in it particles of dust, smoke, fumes). In addition, in terms of the anticyclone persisted meteorological conditions conducive to the accumulation of harmful impurities in the lowest layers of the atmosphere," - said in a statement posted on the website "Meteoroloji".According to the environmentalists, for last days of exceeding the standards for levels of contaminants were observed in the Central and southern administrative districts, reports RIA "Novosti".Near the most congested roads in the morning peak hours, the concentration of nitrogen dioxide exceeded the norm by 4.2 times that of carbon dioxide - 1.8 times that of phenol and formaldehyde - 1.2 times. In addition, in all parts of the city have elevated concentrations of carbon monoxide - carbon dioxide. Читать полностью -->

After six days of air travel in Europe restored almost 100%

After six days of forced break because of the ash of the Icelandic volcano Eyjafjallajokull air traffic in Europe is almost restored, reports the BBC.On Thursday, the flights must recover "almost 100%", stated the European air traffic Agency EUROCONTROL. According to the Agency, on Wednesday in Europe was made 22,5 thousands of flights out of 28 thousand planned, including all 338 transatlantic flights.Air France and British Airways gave the green light on all long-haul flights, Qantas Airways and the Australian and Chinese Air China announced a full resumption of flights to Europe. Today will start almost all flights and Lufthansa, assured her representative. "Aeroflot" yesterday delivered 55 regular flights from Moscow, the newspaper "Vedomosti".Most interesting quotes from Russian Newspapers on the subject of the resumption of flights over Europe publishes the website "Headlines".Wednesday, April 21, restrictions operated in parts of southern Sweden and Helsinki. Of the 28,000 scheduled flights done 21 000. Almost half of Russians stranded in Europe, were able to return home.In order to take passengers for a few days waiting until clears ash cloud, the UK government has temporarily lifted a ban on night flights. Читать полностью -->

All-Russian campaign of Witnesses.

March 26 Jehovah's Witnesses began spreading throughout Russia 12 million leaflets about the persecution of their organization in the Russian FederationAlexey Malyutin,This unprecedented campaign, covering all the subjects of the Russian Federation and bringing together nearly 150 thousand volunteers from the religious organization "Jehovah's Witnesses", has been devoted a press-conference "Russian action in defense of religious freedom", which took place on February 26 at the Independent press center in Moscow. It was conducted by the representatives of the Administrative center of Jehovah's Witnesses in Russia Yaroslav sivulskii and Alexey Nazarites and Director of the Institute for human rights Lev Levinson. Stated in the announcement, the head of the Moscow Helsinki group Lyudmila Alekseeva could not come, as it sat in Council for human rights and civil society institutions under the President of the Russian Federation, where, incidentally, were discussed and the current persecution of Witnesses. The head of the Council Ella Pamfilova even officially decided to turn to their defense to the Prosecutor General of the country.Who opened the meeting with the press Lev Levinson, who came to the metro, shared her observation: many of the passengers of the Moscow subway was reading the booklets that they have received, probably at the entrance to the subway. Moreover, the delayed reading them, few people would not read the booklets before the end. Four pages, printed, as it is written in the output, in Germany, compares the persecution of Witnesses in the Soviet Union and their discrimination in modern Russia. Читать полностью -->

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