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("Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty, USA)On the role of sport in the mass consciousness and the education of patriotism says the sociologist Boris DubinAndrei Shary, 12 may 2009Hockey victory in Switzerland called night celebrations of youth in major Russian cities and lively correspondence on the Internet and the blogosphere. The tone of many comments - aggressive: sports victory is seen in the posts as the triumph of Russia in General and proof of superiority of Russia over the West.- It is obvious that in this case it is not about the sport and about its consumption, its social and more political use. Not that someone is manipulating the minds of those who write in the blogosphere. Politics in Russia today, is arranged so that it is almost invisible, except in the rituals that we see on TV. And so it seems to be scattered everywhere, including in the behavior of people at sporting events or national holidays. There expressed their political attitudes and political views.But for most Russians today is very sharp and probably not solvable (at least in the short term) problem. Читать полностью -->

The statement of the members of the Advisory Council of Heads of Protestant Churches of Russia

Recently in the Russian Evangelical Protestant Christians strenuously promoted a project called "Apostolic Manifesto, which calls for the "parade of the moral forces of Russia" with 07.07.07 Its authors guarantee the prosperity of Russia under condition of elimination" identified on the so-called Apostolic Summit, the current curse of Russia - Lenin's mausoleum.Grandiloquent style and ambitious goals of the organizers of the "parade" in principle, does not conform to the form and spirit of civil and moral positions, characteristic of the Russian Evangelical Christians. They are more like a PR campaign by a small aggressive political party or group, hungry for a quick fame and public attention.We do not question the right of every believer to have his political position and his personal responsibility for the form of expression of this position in the framework of existing legislation. Moreover, as Christian believers, we cannot accept dolpolneniya dead and the living. But we adhere to the Biblical principle of non-involvement of churches in political struggle and campaigns. We, the heads of religious associations of the Russian Evangelical Christians, members of the Advisory Council of Heads of Protestant Churches of Russia, was never given authority and recommendations of individuals and leaders of religious organizations, to conduct political action, and especially to speak on behalf of our churches.In connection with the foregoing, we declare that headed us in the Church have nothing to do with public and private statements by the authors and participants of the "Apostolic Manifesto" and the organizers of the "parade of the moral forces of Russia"". . Читать полностью -->

How much stability

The Central Bank spoke about the spending of international reservesIrina RyabovaOn 19 November, the Central Bank of Russia reported on the spending of international reserves since the end of August are constantly decreasing in volume. In total, to fight the consequences of the crisis has been spent over 70 billion dollars. However, such a large expenditure can affect the stability of the Russian economy and exacerbate the crisis.According to the Chairman of the Central Bank Sergei Ignatyev, in September-October of the current year amounts to $ 57.5 billion from international (or whatever they were called before foreign exchange) reserves were aimed at maintaining the exchange rate of the ruble on the currency market. In other words, the money the Central Bank sold on the market, so as not to give the ruble significantly cheaper. Earlier, the Central Bank has not reported how much money is spent on the maintenance of a national currency.At the same time, the ruble against the dollar fell by 1.87 per ruble, and the Euro rose by 1.08 per ruble. Thus in relation to the dual currency basket (0.55 dollars and 0.45 euros) value of the Russian currency for a long time have not changed. Читать полностью -->

Really do not want to dive into another Golden dream;;The participants of the readings discussed legislative activity related to religious organizations;

no separation no, because the courses are of a cultural nature.". . . . . . Читать полностью -->

Inopressa: evil master of Putinland showed the Russians that he is still in power

The Western press, who oversaw a four-day rally of the Russian Prime Minister, makes an unequivocal conclusion - it's part of growing PR campaign to strengthen the image of Putin before a potential return to the Kremlin in 2012. Thus, in particular, writes The Independent."Russia's powerful Prime Minister Vladimir Putin in the end of last week went on a journey, showing off his dark glasses and a cream Polo shirt," reads the article. The author recalls that in an interview with the Russian newspaper Kommersant, Putin acknowledged that he, of course, reflects on his return to the Russian presidency in 2012.The British newspaper echoes the French Le Journal du Dimanche: "In 2012 in France, USA and Russia will hold presidential elections, and many are now seriously thinking about it. Prime Minister of Russia Vladimir Putin in interview to the newspaper "Kommersant" has stated that he is "more than all" interested again to stand at the head of the state.". . . Читать полностью -->

Religious space of Russia

In the press center of Slavic right center held the final presentation of the third volume of the Atlas of modern religious life in Russia". . . . . . Читать полностью -->


Victor SlinkinJournalists can't always objectively to describe certain phenomena of the society around them. Their observations will inevitably be passed through the prism of personal, subjective perception of history and reality. Explanation - the effects of a professionally produced, or, so to speak, earned astigmatism. And about the personality of Patriarch Kirill we talk, sitting comfortably on top of my Baptist belfry, which, for all provincial routine and devoid of shocking ecclesiality can be a great place for writing another comment.In fact, there is not a single journalist who writes about religion, which would have remained indifferent to the identity of the former Metropolitan of Smolensk and Kaliningrad. If we cursory glance OKIN major milestones in the life of Patriarch Kirill, then we can easily understand why his election Orthodox Church binds in the future major transformation and renewal. 't tell "reform" because it is painful to remind themselves Orthodox that they do under the reforms do not imply, hint we are "converting" to Catholicism of the times of the sixteenth century..In twenty-eight years, the future Patriarch was rector of the Leningrad theological Academy and Seminary. Читать полностью -->

Theatre anticulture of the absurd

2008 was the peak of degeneracy cactoideae" activity in RussiaRoman LunkinEvery struggle, and carries, in the end, make the fighter his victim, depriving the purpose of this fight. That's exactly what happened with the leaders antiscratch" movement in Russia. The year 2008 showed that the desire to fight all non-Orthodox not only brings to the absurd "the sect studies", but also makes it anti-Christian. It is obvious that the activity of the Centre in the name of St. Irenaeus, which are oriented many anticultist in dioceses, is radically different from the content of the subject "the sect studies, which, for example, is taught in the seminaries and is based on the attempt to understand the theological differences with other faiths and the degree of their "misconceptions"."Sectoid" openly oppose Christian missionary work in the fight against the program of Bible study "alpha course". Alexander Dvorkin, head of the Center of St. Читать полностью -->

The Church took in school

Michael SmilyanMedvedev supported the idea of teaching religious culture and the introduction of army Institute of priests. Teachers refer to this innovation with caution, and soldiers ' mothers say: the priests will not solve the problems of the army, and the teaching of religion in schools "will last until the first scandal".Dmitry Medvedev supported the idea of teaching in Russian schools the basics of religious culture. He also believes it appropriate to introduce the institution of military and naval clergy. The President's words leads RIA Novosti.Details will be discussedSpeaking at a special meeting Tuesday 21 July, the Russian President said that in his address were contacted the leaders of the major religions, which contained proposals for the teaching in schools of disciplines aimed at spiritual and moral education, as well as the introduction in the Armed forces of the institutions of the military and naval clergy. "I decided to support both of these appeals," Medvedev said.He noted that the details of the practical implementation of these proposals will be discussed. The President also noted "the importance of unconditional respect for the fundamental constitutional provisions" that religious associations are separated from the state and equal before the law, and that everyone is guaranteed freedom of conscience, freedom of religion.To realize the idea of teaching religion in schools Medvedev offered in the form of an experiment in 18 regions of the country. Читать полностью -->

Putin surprised the West

Russian troops entered Georgia including the fact that Russia was a threat of collapseAt the next meeting of the international club "Valdai" in Sochi, Vladimir Putin once again had to put the accents on all topics relating to the war in the Caucasus. Namely: the Russian response to the Georgian aggression was adequate, but the reaction of the West, especially the Western media, not really. However, a new cold war will not be: for it is not necessary in such cases ideological differences. Finally, Putin told the press that he was most struck by in the previous war.Another round of discussions of the international club "Valdai" is devoted to the balance of power in geopolitics. Primarily we are talking about the Caucasus. Of course, in the context of that war."We had a slingshot to shoot? Georgian troops was to be expected that they will receive on a muzzle"on Thursday Morning club members (about 80 political scientists, experts and journalists from Russia, USA, UK, Germany, France, Switzerland, Italy, Slovakia, Canada, Japan, China, India, Israel, Iran) met in Sochi with the presidents of Abkhazia and South Ossetia. Читать полностью -->

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