Medvedev signed a law banning all alcohol behind the wheel

The President of Russia Dmitry Medvedev signed the Federal law prohibiting the operation of vehicles by persons in a state of alcoholic, narcotic or other toxic intoxication. The press service of the Kremlin reported on Friday that signed the Federal law "On amendments to article 19 of the Federal law "On road safety" and invalidating certain provisions of legislative acts of the Russian Federation", reports "Interfax".At the same time, shall be abrogated note to article 27.12 of the Code on administrative offences, allowing the possibility of vehicle control in the presence in the body of the driver of absolute ethyl alcohol in a concentration of up to 0.3 gram per liter of blood or 0.15 milligrams per litre of exhaled air. As ITAR-TASS, which is about 0.5 liters of beer or 40 grams of vodka or a glass of dry white wine drunk man weighing about 80 kg.In accordance with the administrative code, for driving in an alcohol intoxication, the driver faces a driving for a period of 1.5 to 2 years.The initiator of the draft law on "dry law" for drivers was President Dmitry Medvedev, who said that even the minimum standard of alcohol "provokes real drunk" driving.According to official statistics, Russia ranks third in the world in the number of accidents, second only to Ukraine and Egypt. As installed, each 14th accident in Russia was caused by a drunk driver. Every year the inspectors of traffic police detained about a million drunk drivers. In 2009 alone, through no fault of their own killed more than 2 million and affected more than 18 thousand people.Recent high-profile incident, discussed in the media, involving a drunk driver, had an accident, arranged by the senior assistant Prosecutor of Chernyshevsky district of the Zabaikalsk region. Читать полностью -->

Harvest — a record, bread — Golden

Why again are rising bread?This year our farmers have collected so much grain per hectare as never before in the history of the country, the Ministry of agriculture reported. But somehow the more peasants working, the faster prices rise. According to Rosstat, in the first 8 months of this year products rose by 12%. Bread and cereal products "for the poor", he added as much as 22%! Links officials to the world food crisis is a lie. In Europe, products are getting more expensive four times slower.Our officials like to explain the rise in food prices "external factor" - say, around the world prices are rising. Voracious Chinese are to blame. Читать полностью -->

The subsistence point of reference

Pauline XxxxxxxFor Muscovites developed two variants of a living wage, but both focused only on survivalMuch does it cost to live in Moscow? The conventional wisdom is expensive. There is data and accurately. The Moscow city government said that the minimum you need 6.5 thousand rubles a month. The Moscow tripartite Commission said that 8 thousand rubles. But experts believe that the government's "minimal" cannot be considered to be the poverty level is the only level of government social guarantees.What is the minimumThe subsistence minimum is called the cost of the minimum consumer basket minimum amount of money that a person needs to exist in society: not to die of hunger, not to sensivity and not to go naked and barefoot. The consumer basket includes: a minimum set of food, non-food goods and services. Читать полностью -->

The keepers of truth with the log in your own eye

The protection of "the memory of the war" should start off with the veterans and the fallenThe news of the destruction of the Memorial of military glory in Kutaisi caused an instant - and it is expected - the reaction of the Russian authorities and the Russian state media. It is not only in increased attention to any perturbations "hostile Saakashvili regime". Protection of honor and dignity of veterans of war, the protection of "the memory of the war" became the leitmotif of Russia's state policy in the past year.What happened? The state and close to him learned men (and ladies) have struggled with falsifications of history "to the detriment of Russia's interests" and tried to prevent the "review results of the Second world war. Produced books, sometimes very questionable. Putin gently but definitely defended "our truth" at the celebrations in Gdansk. Criticized the PACE resolution and the movie "Rzhev" Alexei Pivovarov, branded with the shame of human rights defenders, as if insulted veterans. Читать полностью -->

The Russians gave their life in 4 million roubles

On average, Russians estimate the value of your life in 4 million rubles, said on 11 November, the "Interfax".This is evidenced by the results of a survey conducted by the Center for strategic studies "Rosgosstrakh". In this case, the value of human life means the amount of monetary compensation to the family of the deceased, which the company believes is fair.In the survey participated 16246 people in 44 Russian cities.Precious his life was appreciated by the residents of Krasnoyarsk, Moscow and Irkutsk - 7.6 million, with 5.7 million and 5.5 million rubles. Below all their lives is appreciated by the residents of Khabarovsk, Ryazan and Kostroma.While men rate their lives about twice as much as women - in 5 million roubles.Also, the study notes that in regions where there are major incidents of loss of life, the value of human life increases.In particular, the accident at the Sayano-Shushenskaya hydroelectric power plant exacerbated the problem of cash compensation among the population of industrial cities in the East of Russia. Then the government decided to allocate 100 thousand roubles to the families of the victims and one million roubles to the families of the victims.In Kemerovo the value of human life is quite high due to frequent accidents in the mines. In 2007, the families of the victims of accident on mine "anniversary" in addition to a compensation of one million rubles from the owners of the mine, were also allocated allowances from the state.According to previously conducted research, in 2007 the Russians he viewed his life in the amount of slightly less than 3 million rubles, and in 2008 - slightly less than 4 million rubles.As noted by the head of the center, in Western Europe the average size of payments will be $ 1.5 million, and the minimum is 500 thousand dollars. Thus, the Russians saw their lives considerably lower citizens of the developed countries.It is worth noting that in his book "Myths of Economics known Russian economist Sergei Guriev, rector, new economic school, pointed out that human life in Russia is from 1.3 to 3 million dollars. Читать полностью -->

Regions of Russia: rating of quality of life

The top five regions for quality of life in the first quarter 2006-2010 amounted to Moscow, St. Petersburg, Moscow region, Tyumen region and Yugra. These are the findings of a study conducted by the Laboratory of mathematical methods of political analysis and forecasting of the faculty of political science of Moscow state University. M. V. Lomonosov Moscow state University with the assistance of the Institute for regional information. Читать полностью -->

Mathematicians solve \problem Perelman\: honored million from Paris it will be delivered to your home

The mathematical community has elegantly solved "the problem Perelman": after the failure of a Russian scientist to go to Paris a million dollars, awarded to him for the proof of the Poincare conjecture, will be transferred to Russia.While the certificate from the Institute of clay for Perelman got another Russian mathematician Mikhail Gromov. He lives in France and occasionally dropping in Russia. "In his next visit he should meet him and give him the document", - told the newspaper "Komsomolskaya Pravda" famous mathematician and former chief scientist Perelman Ludwig Faddeev.However, for you to do it or not is a moot point. Because Perelman particularly no one communicates. But Gromov chances to see the hermit St. Petersburg. Читать полностью -->

Children do not benefit, children giving birth to the people

Natalia MakeevaAll known methods of solving the population problem have failed - only great projectThe problem of demographic crises in the population of so-called "civilized" countries don't have any yesterday. In different periods it tried to solve in different ways - from the prohibition of abortion material to stimulate the birth rate. At a certain stage these measures gave the population growth, but not always and not everywhere, not to mention that the results in these cases were often very questionable.Prohibitions of abortion and contraception at this stage of development of society can not even be considered for obvious reasons. Although a certain part of the extreme right and challenge that, obviously, even if this decision was enshrined in law, it, first, would work poorly, and secondly, would cause a lot of internal and external problems, which we will not discuss. To discuss this issue necessarily would have, but on a different historical stage.As for material incentives - measures, of course, delights the heart of the common man, and it solves the problem only superficially. Experts reluctantly, but recognize that the observed increase in the birth rate is a temporary phenomenon, the so-called "delayed birth". Читать полностью -->


MOSCOW THEOLOGICAL SEMINARYWITH THE SUPPORTSLAVIC LEGAL CENTER AND INSTITUTE OF RELIGION AND LAWANNOUNCESSET ON A REFRESHER COURSECLERGY, ADMINISTRATORS, LAWYERS, RELIGIOUS ASSOCIATIONS(in the framework of the educational program "RELIGION AND LAW)The head of the educational program:Anatoly Pchelintsev, Co - Chairman of the Slavic legal center, honorary lawyer of Russia, chief editor of the journal "Religion and law", Professor RGGU.Dean of educational programs:Inna Zagrebin - lawyer AB "Slavic legal center, researcher of the Institute of religion and law.Teachers: - leading experts in the field of Church-state relationsA distinctive feature of the training course is its practical orientation, a certain completeness of the legal issues most often faced by religious organizations in their daily activities.Good knowledge of the proposed program will allow students to significantly improve their level of legal thinking, to properly build relationships with representatives of local authorities, various officials, with representatives of other faiths. As a result of the training material, students will be able to independently and effectively navigate the legislation, to act in unusual legal situation in accordance with the requirements of the Constitution of the Russian Federation and laws.Form of study: part-time.Course duration: 1 year - 2 sessions of 1 week.Total program - 74 academic hours.The result of the completion of the program will be the examination and issuance of certificate of completion of a special course on "Religion and law".Education level for the entrant secondary (full) education.On all questions to address:Tel: (495) 645 44 10; Mob. 8 (916) 323 63 80, Fax (495)953 75 63e-mail: rlinfo@mailContact person: Zagrebin Inna VladimirovnaCURRICULUMTopic 1: Introduction to the training course. The concept and essence of state and law. Freedom of conscience in the international and Russian law.1. The purpose and objectives of the course. Читать полностью -->

Twenty-first century

Tatiana ShcherbinaThe XXI-St century - apart from the fact that the time steps (in writing - XXI century) - and even idiomatic expression, vaguely signifying the final stage of civilization, the proximity of the day of judgment, graduating with final examinations and the issuance/non-issuance of the certificate, by twos or fives. "How is it that the XXI-St century!" - shout, here or there when "low marks again". Having gone in the Ivanovo region, I suddenly understood what happened in August, why burst abscess tanks. They were not out of a dozen Kremlin heads, and from the millions of Russian.Russians in recent years have become even arrogant: we won Hummers solid, and in Paris, something small goes, Moscow is the most expensive city in the world, and the number of billionaires we are ahead of the rest. It with one hand. And the Muscovites: come back home - well, the bad air, tube, little greenery, a solid remake (contrary to ancient stones), but in principle it is quite! The one who saved up money for a trip to some Florence and then returned to his horror story with chromosome and broken roads, looked with fresh eyes at the drunken faces of neighbors - is he supposed to feel? He had thought that Florence and villages are built themselves bloom, just give the command "top", he considered himself equal, the same, and where he was to seek confirmation of one's own dignity, importance, except in "power", "power" - that is, in the Kremlin, which disposes of tanks, nukes, oil and gas, and therefore, may all these beauty Queens and kings civilization is brought to its knees. Читать полностью -->

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