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The answers of Vladimir Putin surprised the experts and viewers

The figures presented poorly match the realityIgor NaumovRecently, the leader of the party "United Russia", Chairman of the government Vladimir Putin, communicating with the Russians live, explained in detail his vision of the socio-economic situation in the country. Many of the answers premiere hardly pleased the citizens and the business community. In some of them he clearly put above the requests of the citizens and business interests of natural monopolies and commodity companies. The other part of the answers surprised uniqueness of the presented figures, which do not match the reality.First as Prime Minister, and in total, the seventh chat live with the country Vladimir Putin started with the basics of macroeconomics. In particular, he admitted that by the end of 2008, inflation in Russia will reach the level of 13%. "This is due to the global crisis and that the Central Bank and the Finance Ministry were forced to throw in the economy a large amount of money," explained the Prime Minister. Читать полностью -->

Rice: Russia wasn't exactly what we expected

U.S. Secretary of state Condoleezza rice said Sunday that the change of policy in Russia came as a surprise to the Bush administration."Unfortunately, high oil prices and fear of a "color revolution" led to the fact that Russia wasn't exactly what we expected," said rice in the broadcasting company Fox.Thus, rice answered the question leading analytic Sunday program Chris Wallace about did US in his assessment of Vladimir Putin."We tried to give Russia a chance to become a member of the international community in the 21st century, not the 19th century," said U.S. Secretary of state."Such a policy was not a mistake," said the foreign Minister of the USA, transfers RIA "news".At the same time the US Secretary of state said that America and Russia invited the international community is the best way of combating the threat of nuclear terrorism, acting as initiators of the International Convention for the suppression of acts of nuclear terrorism."The Pact on global nuclear terrorism, which is advanced by the U.S. and Russia, is the best way to ensure that there will be a cooperation of other countries in what is a very difficult issue and very deadly threat," rice said. . . Читать полностью -->

Journalists ECB outlined informational strategy

September 17, 2008 in Kiev was held a conference of Christian journalists of Ukraine on "Information service: a modern vision," according to the Agency press service SOAHB. The meeting was attended by over 30 participants - managers, media editors of Evangelical Christians-Baptists, press photographers, videographers and reporters, students of the faculty of journalism of KCU.The participants were welcomed and blessed the AUC ECB President Vyacheslav Nesteruk, curator of the information Department Valeriy Antonyuk responsible for this service Michael kozubosky and member of the Board of Trustees in this area Valery Dziuba.Speaking about the biblical basis of the information Ministry, a program Manager on the Christian training of journalists Elena Morkenchuk said: "while the world tries to understand what is the information, what are its sources and main course, Christians believe what the Bible says : "in the Beginning was the word, and the Word was with God..." God, as Creator of all things visible and invisible, and is the Creator of the information. And the most important information in the world is the Good News of salvation to sinners that Christ told us to spread (Matt 28:18-20). Therefore, our task is to evangelize the world through the media and contribute to the edification of the Church.Today God gives us unprecedented opportunities to use the media for evangelism and the building up of God's Church, said in particular sister Helen. The Church, closed on itself, cannot expect good results in evangelism and in the end, it becomes very similar to sectarianism. This is why Christian journalists can play an important role...- testifying in various ways about the Savior Christ- showing the biblical way of solving problems, "the treatment of ulcers of the society". Читать полностью -->

The Bible is about envy

Sergey BatlyShe's more dangerous than all the armies in the world. Its victims among the rich and poor, young and elderly, among scholars and ignoramuses. She is the main obstacle to the success of any undertaking. She is everywhere: in homes and workshops, in offices and on the streets. Her trail of spiritual destruction, humiliation and death. And very few people managed to avoid it. Читать полностью -->

Perpetual Kingdom

Simon NovoprudskiThe Russian authorities have no clear and correct explanation for the current editing of the Constitution on the part of the extension of the term of office of the President and nothing decisive of the state Duma. Not to say Dmitry Medvedev explicitly that the current inhabitants of the Kremlin and the White house want to stay on the throne until the end of his earthly century, to the grave. The new way to justify the constitutional amendment, which elected Russian President, you can see the reasons why Russia when their inordinate ambitions for centuries, remains on the outskirts of civilization.After the state Council in Izhevsk, the head of state spoke at length with journalists. Earning proof-reading of the Constitution and promising that nothing else in the basic law does not intend to rule, he said, "Stable Constitution should be the legal regime of citizens, protection of rights and freedoms, the fundamental basis of action, property rights, the court - these things should not be subjected to adjustments. The device is the same political system as important still is secondary in nature".The lawyer Medvedev, as any Russian government, consciously or unconsciously confuses principles with, stubbornly wanting to prove that Russia is, as always, is not ready to be a civilized country. The political system is not a secondary and not primary in relation to the rights of the citizens is actually dissimilar concepts. Читать полностью -->

Political disaster

Svetlana Bocharova, Alexander ArtemevRussia lost one of their toughest critics. In connection with the crash near Smolensk in Poland declared seven days of national mourning. Expert "Newspaper EN" believes that the death of Kaczynski and his party allies "will turn into a storm for Polish political life.". . . . Читать полностью -->

From the ashes restored after the fire of the village will be more modern

Vladimir KuzminPresident Dmitry Medvedev urged the Ministry of regional development in the rebuilding of the burned villages to consider not only the timing but also the quality of the new life in the countryside, not forgetting, if possible, and such details of village life, as cellars and economic buildings.Personally visiting a number of victims of forest fires in the regions, regional development Minister Viktor Basargin came with a report to the head of state with the new data. Suffered 17 regions, 148 settlements, 2448 families. And this is probably not the final stats. "I think we'll have the numbers to change, because there are 100 victims of real estate, but still not found owners", - said the head of Ministry of regional development.From those who have already emerged as the victim, 1650 families chose to rebuild housing, 140 - with the purchase for compensation of apartments. Money for the restoration or purchase of housing are transferred to the accounts of contractors and citizens, selling apartments on the secondary housing market. Those victims who chose "live" money, get the required 2 million rubles. Читать полностью -->

A test of patriotism

People don't voluntarily go to confession, then the confession will come where they can't escape.Marina Volkova"The President of the Council of Muftis of Russia Ravil Gainutdin hoped that the presence of the clergy in the army will contribute to the growth of patriotism". (www.narodinfo)What is common between Oleg Deripaska and father a native from the village of Krukowski?"What they may have in common?", - answered a question with a question ten out of ten respondents, even without specifying who the grandfather Fomich and what village is this - Krukovka (fame Oleg Deripaska doubt not subject). "Look at you!", equally all ten responded when I gave them the answer: "And Deripaska, and grandfather Fomich - citizens of Russia".Russian citizenship have in common, besides Oleg Deripaska and grandfather Fomich, 141 867 538 people of our planet. Be conceived of citizenship as a common characteristic of Russians hard. It is difficult not because we are so different, but because our common - Russian - lost.We talk about patriotism in Russia is almost bad form. Not enough vocabulary to talk about love of country and accurately repulsive. Читать полностью -->

The end teterovski era (The Financial Times, UK)

Gideon Rachman, 28 April 2009'The British people are totally disillusioned with socialism. Thirty-year experiment has clearly failed - and now the people are ready to try something else'. Reasoned Margaret Thatcher on the eve of his first victory in a General election on 3 may 1979, But now, with the approaching thirtieth anniversary of the move 'the iron lady' at Downing street, many Britons have come to the conclusion: 'failed' yet another 'thirty years 'experiment'. This time, however, we are talking about the Thatcher era.The end of the Thatcher era - an event of global significance. Many steps, first undertaken by her office in Britain, and copied in other countries - privatization, deregulation, tax cuts, the abolition of control over the exchange rate, the attempts to weaken the influence of trade unions and an emphasis on the creation and not wealth distribution.Mrs. Thatcher came to power a year and a half before Ronald Reagan; later between the two leaders struck up 'ideological novel'. Читать полностью -->

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