Pedophiles in the mist

In the state Duma there are lobby groups that oppose the adoption of legislation aimed at combating paedophilia. This statement was made before the Commissioner for children's rights under the RF President Pavel Astakhov. While Astakhov stressed that "despite the fact that everyone understands the need for tougher laws against pedophiles, whenever discussions in the relevant committees of Parliament are the people speaking out against such measures.". . . . Читать полностью -->

The Kremlin accelerates the Prosecutor General's office

Because Khodorkovsky and GontmakherSergey NikanorovIn the near future in the General Prosecutor's office of Russia is expected to lead to major personnel changes. This was reported by "Nezavisimaya GAZETA" on condition of anonymity, a source in the presidential structures.According to the source, the initiator of the change is the Kremlin, who are dissatisfied with the quality of work of the state office of public Prosecutor on several high-profile cases and the marked increase in the number of corruption scandals in the Department. Prosecutor General Yury Chaika in this situation it is essential to strengthen their positions. Especially on the eve of another battle with his main enemy hardware - the head of Investigatory Committee at office of public Prosecutor (SKP) the Russian Federation Alexander Bastrykin. So the attorney General, apparently, in General, will support planned by the Kremlin human revolution in their own office. Even despite the fact that you have to sacrifice a few of their subordinates.The first and most prominent victim of the "revolution" may be the Deputy Prosecutor General Viktor grin, in charge of major crimes. Читать полностью -->

At the intersection of religion and law

Anatoly Pchelintsev analyzes legal aspects of realization of freedom of conscience in RussiaB. V. Nikolaev - candidate of historical Sciences.The phrase "religious right", if it ever has a right to exist, contains from the point of view of ordinary thinking is an internal contradiction. Indeed, religion is perhaps one of the most intimate, deeply personal realms of life. Right, by contrast, is a system of formalized and universally binding norms of behavior that are installed and secured all the power of state coercion. Characterized by serpublication, involuntariness, the imperative nature.However, in modern society, religion and the right to actively interact, form a kind of symbiosis. Читать полностью -->

Media: Nurgaliev the end of the year should establish the work of the Ministry of internal Affairs, otherwise it waits for the resignation

The government has tasked the Minister of internal Affairs Rashid Nurgaliyev to the end of 2010 to fix the disastrous situation he headed the Department. According to RBC Daily, in the Central apparatus of the Ministry of internal Affairs, in case of failure Nurgaliyev may lose his post. According to experts, the place Nurgaliyev could take his first Deputy Mikhail Sukhodolsky, or will it be assigned to another person.According to a source, Nurgaliyev ordered in a short time to implement President Medvedev announced the reform of the interior Ministry. As it became known, Nurgaliyev will need to intensify work on several fronts - to significantly reduce the number of criminal cases involving police officers, high-ranking officials in General should not appear in such cases.In addition, work management agencies will have to reduce the level of corruption in law enforcement. Analyzing the success of the interior Ministry, the government will rely on the reports of the human rights and public organizations on the activities of the Ministry.Recall that in mid-February, Medvedev said that the number of employees of the departments under the Central government in the Ministry of internal Affairs in the framework of the reform must be reduced from 19 970 to 10 thousand people.The functions of the Ministry of internal Affairs will be narrowed: in particular, the Agency will no longer deal with the issues of expulsion of foreign citizens and stateless persons, carrying out inspection of vehicles and to manage a sobering-up stations - these functions will go to the FMS, specialization and the health Ministry.MIA justify the party's high-profile case about a shooting in the subwayRecall that on the last high-profile case involving the employee of the Ministry of internal Affairs, it became known last week. Then at the Moscow metro station "Timiryazevskaya" drunk Colonel of militia, the senior inspector under special commissions of Department of protection of a public order of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia Alexander Kurochkin wounded from a traumatic gun girl.According to the investigation, returning home in about 20 hours, the Colonel went to the subway at the station "Mendeleev". Читать полностью -->

Sensational exposГ© Dad based on the illiteracy of journalists, the Catholics say

The Associated Press has published the documents of the first half of the 80s, correspondence concerning the Curia of the Oakland diocese, the Congregation for the doctrine of faith concerning the case of an American priest Stephen Kizla accused of sexual harassment to children. One of them bears the signature of cardinal Ratzinger - the current Pope Benedict XVI.The records in the Vatican is Latin. Dean of the faculty of classical Philology of southern California Thomas Habinek completed a translation of the document. In the interpretation of Habinek happened that cardinal Ratzinger in response to a request from the diocese to "unfrocked" criminal priest declares that for the good of the Universal Church, this is impractical, a thorough review of the case requires considerable time, and yet should accompany father Kizla fatherly concern, explaining to him the reasons for the decision of the Congregation."The future Pope suspended pedophile process" - such was the news that caused a worldwide sensation.However, the Catholics say, the whole scandal arose just because of an incorrect translation, notes portal Regions with reference to the website "Ratzinger-inform".In fact, the Bishop asked the Congregation for the doctrine of faith, not asking to punish the father Kizla "deprivation Sana", and requests a dispensation (exemption) "from all priestly duties, which, as follows from the document, asks the father of CISL, because in the document it is called the "petitioner." The fact is that until recently, even a complete deprivation of the clerical status did not release the priest from the obligation to observe celibacy, and about a dispensation from the duties of the priest had to personally request the Bishop, and the Bishop appealed this case to Rome. The translator didn't understand the word dispensatio and referred it as "the deprivation of the rank".The response of the Congregation, signed by Ratzinger, not much different from the answers in dozens and hundreds of such cases, namely, no matter how wanted the priest to drop everything right now and get married or do anything else to improve their lives, yet, in addition to his own wishes must be considered and the benefit of the Church, to which he has bound himself by certain obligations, so such an extreme measure as a deprivation of the clerical status applies only after detailed consideration of all the circumstances, and exemption from the obligation of celibacy is available after a set period (at the time it was provided usually no earlier than the applicant will be 40 years old, and O. Cislo at the time the petition was 38).The reasons for which the petition was based were considered to be very serious (gravis momenti), however, the Congregation found it impossible not to take into account the negative impact that the granting of such dispensations may lead the community of believers, especially taking into consideration the youth of the applicant (attenta iuvenili praesertim oratoris aetate).Thus, where journalists saw the fear of publicity and scandal, actually there is a concern that not be left without supervision and care of potentially dangerous for the community and himself as a cleric.The cause of the failure of the Congregation in the petition recommends to clarify Cislo Ratzinger (apte patefaciendo rationem agendi huius Dicasterii), do not forget to accompany his fatherly concern, because the priest (and any Christian) should remain for the Bishop's son, in whatever sin he had sunk.The response of the Congregation didn't really connect the leadership of the diocese, which could without difficulty, though not depriving clerical status, to prevent the unworthy priest in Ministry and to deprive him of all priestly duties, and that was done even before all of this correspondence. Читать полностью -->

Russia will enter the gas cartel

The conditions for the creation of a gas OPEC is virtually agreed upon by the representatives of the three countries: Russia, Qatar and IranNatalia ZhuravlevaRussia, Iran and Qatar - the main suppliers of gas has reached a basic agreement on the formation of a so-called gas OPEC. On Tuesday said the Iranian Minister of oil industry of Gholamreza Nazari after meeting with representatives of Gazprom and Qatar. According to analysts, the creation of this organization will enable countries to coordinate their actions in the gas market, but its role differs greatly from the role of OPEC oil."We took important decisions. There is a demand for the creation of the gas OPEC, and reached consensus on the establishment of a gas OPEC," said Gholamreza Nazari to journalists after the meeting with representatives of Gazprom and Qatar."The share of these countries account for over 55% of world gas reserves and about 27% of global gas production"However, the head of "Gazprom" Alexei Miller, speaking at a press conference after Nozari, spoke about the creation of a gas OPEC more diplomatic. "We decided to bring together contacts, and we can say that today was formed by the big gas Troika", he said, adding that the meeting of the gas exporting countries aims at the provision of guarantees peace in the supply of gas.According to Nozari, senior representatives of the three countries constitute a special Committee. Miller explained that the Committee will work including the implementation of joint projects."Will encompass a wide range of issues, including exploration, processing and sale of gas", - quotes its words Reuters."The gas reserves in Russia, Iran and Qatar, we are the biggest country in the world. Читать полностью -->

Crimes of Stalin there is no forgiveness, Medvedev said

President of Russia Dmitry Medvedev said that the crimes of Joseph Stalin against his own people there is no forgiveness."If we talk about public estimation, if we talk about how Stalin is estimated by the leadership of the country in recent years, with the emergence of the new Russian state, the assessment is clear: Stalin committed mass crimes against its people," said Medvedev in interview to the newspaper "Izvestia"."And, although he worked hard, despite the fact that under his leadership, the country has been successful, what has been done in relation to its own people cannot be forgiven," he said.He noted that "for most people in the world this figure (Stalin) is obvious, it does not cause any warm emotions.". . . . . . Читать полностью -->