The subsistence point of reference

Pauline XxxxxxxFor Muscovites developed two variants of a living wage, but both focused only on survivalMuch does it cost to live in Moscow? The conventional wisdom is expensive. There is data and accurately. The Moscow city government said that the minimum you need 6.5 thousand rubles a month. The Moscow tripartite Commission said that 8 thousand rubles. But experts believe that the government's "minimal" cannot be considered to be the poverty level is the only level of government social guarantees.What is the minimumThe subsistence minimum is called the cost of the minimum consumer basket minimum amount of money that a person needs to exist in society: not to die of hunger, not to sensivity and not to go naked and barefoot. The consumer basket includes: a minimum set of food, non-food goods and services. Читать полностью -->

The keepers of truth with the log in your own eye

The protection of "the memory of the war" should start off with the veterans and the fallenThe news of the destruction of the Memorial of military glory in Kutaisi caused an instant - and it is expected - the reaction of the Russian authorities and the Russian state media. It is not only in increased attention to any perturbations "hostile Saakashvili regime". Protection of honor and dignity of veterans of war, the protection of "the memory of the war" became the leitmotif of Russia's state policy in the past year.What happened? The state and close to him learned men (and ladies) have struggled with falsifications of history "to the detriment of Russia's interests" and tried to prevent the "review results of the Second world war. Produced books, sometimes very questionable. Putin gently but definitely defended "our truth" at the celebrations in Gdansk. Criticized the PACE resolution and the movie "Rzhev" Alexei Pivovarov, branded with the shame of human rights defenders, as if insulted veterans. Читать полностью -->

The Russians gave their life in 4 million roubles

On average, Russians estimate the value of your life in 4 million rubles, said on 11 November, the "Interfax".This is evidenced by the results of a survey conducted by the Center for strategic studies "Rosgosstrakh". In this case, the value of human life means the amount of monetary compensation to the family of the deceased, which the company believes is fair.In the survey participated 16246 people in 44 Russian cities.Precious his life was appreciated by the residents of Krasnoyarsk, Moscow and Irkutsk - 7.6 million, with 5.7 million and 5.5 million rubles. Below all their lives is appreciated by the residents of Khabarovsk, Ryazan and Kostroma.While men rate their lives about twice as much as women - in 5 million roubles.Also, the study notes that in regions where there are major incidents of loss of life, the value of human life increases.In particular, the accident at the Sayano-Shushenskaya hydroelectric power plant exacerbated the problem of cash compensation among the population of industrial cities in the East of Russia. Then the government decided to allocate 100 thousand roubles to the families of the victims and one million roubles to the families of the victims.In Kemerovo the value of human life is quite high due to frequent accidents in the mines. In 2007, the families of the victims of accident on mine "anniversary" in addition to a compensation of one million rubles from the owners of the mine, were also allocated allowances from the state.According to previously conducted research, in 2007 the Russians he viewed his life in the amount of slightly less than 3 million rubles, and in 2008 - slightly less than 4 million rubles.As noted by the head of the center, in Western Europe the average size of payments will be $ 1.5 million, and the minimum is 500 thousand dollars. Thus, the Russians saw their lives considerably lower citizens of the developed countries.It is worth noting that in his book "Myths of Economics known Russian economist Sergei Guriev, rector, new economic school, pointed out that human life in Russia is from 1.3 to 3 million dollars. Читать полностью -->

Regions of Russia: rating of quality of life

The top five regions for quality of life in the first quarter 2006-2010 amounted to Moscow, St. Petersburg, Moscow region, Tyumen region and Yugra. These are the findings of a study conducted by the Laboratory of mathematical methods of political analysis and forecasting of the faculty of political science of Moscow state University. M. V. Lomonosov Moscow state University with the assistance of the Institute for regional information. Читать полностью -->

Mathematicians solve \problem Perelman\: honored million from Paris it will be delivered to your home

The mathematical community has elegantly solved "the problem Perelman": after the failure of a Russian scientist to go to Paris a million dollars, awarded to him for the proof of the Poincare conjecture, will be transferred to Russia.While the certificate from the Institute of clay for Perelman got another Russian mathematician Mikhail Gromov. He lives in France and occasionally dropping in Russia. "In his next visit he should meet him and give him the document", - told the newspaper "Komsomolskaya Pravda" famous mathematician and former chief scientist Perelman Ludwig Faddeev.However, for you to do it or not is a moot point. Because Perelman particularly no one communicates. But Gromov chances to see the hermit St. Petersburg. Читать полностью -->

Children do not benefit, children giving birth to the people

Natalia MakeevaAll known methods of solving the population problem have failed - only great projectThe problem of demographic crises in the population of so-called "civilized" countries don't have any yesterday. In different periods it tried to solve in different ways - from the prohibition of abortion material to stimulate the birth rate. At a certain stage these measures gave the population growth, but not always and not everywhere, not to mention that the results in these cases were often very questionable.Prohibitions of abortion and contraception at this stage of development of society can not even be considered for obvious reasons. Although a certain part of the extreme right and challenge that, obviously, even if this decision was enshrined in law, it, first, would work poorly, and secondly, would cause a lot of internal and external problems, which we will not discuss. To discuss this issue necessarily would have, but on a different historical stage.As for material incentives - measures, of course, delights the heart of the common man, and it solves the problem only superficially. Experts reluctantly, but recognize that the observed increase in the birth rate is a temporary phenomenon, the so-called "delayed birth". Читать полностью -->

On the re-establishment of the all-Russian Commonwealth of Evangelical Christians

Zaichenko A. S."God, who said out of darkness to Shine your light has shone in our hearts to enlighten us with the knowledge of the glory of God in the person of Jesus Christ." (2 cor.4:6)Few know that the all-Russian fellowship of Evangelical Christians has a long, glorious and dramatic story in which the Lord Himself was present with His forgiveness, wisdom and love. Attempts to create an organized all-Russian Evangelical movement has for 125 years. In 1884, the first Russian missionary and Evangelist from the highest Russian aristocracy Vasily Pashkov attempted to convene the First Congress of Evangelical Christians and already on it to form the Union of Evangelical churches of Russia. But authorities arrested the delegates, the Congress broke up, and the Pashkov and his main associates were banished forever beyond the borders of Russia, the Church of Evangelical Christians dispersed. First attempt to create a nationwide consolidated Evangelical movement was suppressed.Later this service was picked up by the great Russian Evangelist, Church and public figure of Russia Ivan Stepanovich Prokhanov. Читать полностью -->

Christian brothers and friends in politics

The Western Church has not had the expected support of GeorgiaStanislav MininThe religious aspect of the Russian-Georgian conflict rather poorly covered in the Western press. In addition, not all Christian Churches reacted to the events in the Caucasus. However, some - and quite diverse - replica appeared in Western blogs devoted to the problems of religion, in printed publications and on the websites of religious organizations. "NGY" acquaints readers with some of them.Frank Schaeffer, American Orthodox publicistIn Russia believe that in his time in Kosovo, bill Clinton ordered the U.S. air force to support the Islamic revolution in the struggle against the Orthodox world. It was as naively as if he ordered to bomb the Vatican, and then wonder at the chagrin of Catholics… the Presidents of the United States is obsessed with the ideas of Protestantism, not knowing of the one Church, and do not understand that the current Russia is the first country that tries to reconnect with its historic Imperial Orthodox roots. Читать полностью -->

Medvedev approved the national security strategy until 2020

MOSCOW, may 13 - RIA Novosti. The President of Russia Dmitry Medvedev has signed the decree "On the national security Strategy of the Russian Federation until 2020", said on Wednesday the press service of the Kremlin.The text of the national security Strategy of the Russian Federation up to 2020 are published on the website of the security Council of the Russian Federation, the press service of the Kremlin.As stated by the Secretary of the Russian security Council Nikolai Patrushev in an interview with the newspaper "Izvestia", which is published on Wednesday, the Strategy implies that homeland security is ensured through the achievement of strategic national priorities. "Together with the objectives, threats, objectives and proposed measures for their implementation forms a coherent system, which determines the state of national security and the level of sustainable development of the state in the short term (up to 2012), medium term (up to 2015) and long term (up to 2020) perspective," he said."It also must be ensured sustainable development of Russia, its formation as a competitive state with high-tech industry, modern defense potential and decent quality and standard of living of the people. The Strategy is based on the principle of security through sustainable development of economy and social sphere, involving social, political and economic changes to create safe conditions for the implementation of constitutional rights and freedoms of Russian citizens", - he stressed.According to him, the main task of strengthening national defence in the medium term is the transition to a qualitatively new form of our Armed forces to "preserve the potential of strategic nuclear forces by improving the organizational structure and territorial system of basing of troops and forces, increasing the number of units of permanent readiness, as well as improvement of operational and combat training".In addition, the Strategy emphasizes Russia's desire to build an equal and full-fledged strategic partnership with the USA. "As priorities will remain the achievement of new agreements in the field of disarmament and arms control, confidence building measures, as well as addressing issues of non-proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, increasing counter-terrorism cooperation, the settlement of regional conflicts", - said Patrushev.Russia in relations with the United States, said Secretary of the Russian security Council, is based on the principles of stability and predictability in strategic offensive arms, attached particular importance to the achievement of the new full-length bilateral agreements on further reduction and limitation of strategic offensive arms."Our country will take all necessary efforts on the least expensive level to maintain parity with the United States in strategic offensive weapons in a deployment of the global missile defense system and the concept of global strike using strategic delivery vehicles in the nuclear and non-nuclear equipment", - he noted, adding that Russia will pursue a pragmatic foreign policy, eliminating costly confrontation, including a new arms race.The determining factor in relations with NATO, he said, will remain "unacceptable for Russia promotion plans of the military infrastructure of the Alliance to Russia's borders and attempts to give it a global function, inconsistent with the rules of international law"."Our country supports the strengthening of relations with the European Union. The interests of Russia is responsible for the formation of the Euro-Atlantic open system of collective security on a clear legal basis", - said Patrushev. Читать полностью -->

Cloud-ad covers Russia

Ash clouds of the volcano EyjafjallajГ¶kull is "flowers" compared with the Russian pyrocumulusSvetlana KUZINANational Board of the USA on Aeronautics and space research (NASA) through its satellites "Terra" and "Aqua" decided to take a picture of a fiery Apocalypse taking place in Russia. And having considered the submitted photos, NASA experts were horrified as they saw pyrocumulus clouds that usually form during a volcanic eruption or a nuclear explosion! The pictures also showed that the acrid smoke had risen to a height of 12 kilometers above the Earth. "At this altitude the smoke is able to travel over very long distances, affecting air quality far from the center of the fire", - is spoken in the message on the website NASA. This is the reason already noted by experts of the phenomenon: people start to suffocate even in regions away from burning forests and peat bogs.- Indeed, the fires in Central Russia has reached such proportions that caused the formation of such dangerous clouds - confirmed Anatoly Nusinov, doctor of physico-mathematical Sciences, head of laboratory of solar-terrestrial relations, chief researcher of the Institute of applied Geophysics named after academician E. K. Fedorov Roshydromet (IPG). Читать полностью -->